Collider Signs

Collider Signs rc3

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Collider Signs rc3

Overlays made for the upcoming capture point map, Collider, by me and Letter Before A.

Signs I made for the soon-to-be-released cp_collider, by me and @The Letter Before A.

Contains 13 Overlays and their respective VMTs.
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Latest updates

  1. RC3: Oh F**k! I burnt it!

    - Added a "burnt" variation of sign 04 (Omega-B Ad) - Remade sign 02 (Lost Kilroy) and sign 03 (Hungry Kilroy) from scratch, as the originals didn't look right to me. I may make these signs textless in the next update. - Added "frontline" to the...
  2. RC2 : With apologies to Joan.

    - Removed signs 02 (Merc Socializing) and 05 (Tumorface), as they're too close the works of Joan Cornellà I based them off of. - Fixed the numerous spelling mistakes. No Hardons here! - Removed sign 13 (Soldier's Rant Letter), as it was made as...