Spooky Overlays Mini-pack three point one

Spookier version of existing signage in the game, with some alternatives

  1. Diva Dan
    Hello! This pack includes 16 different overlays to use in your Halloween maps. They are all redesigns of signs already in the game, but with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) twist to them. Meant to be eye catching and a nice piece of eye candy for a player to enjoy, thee overlays aim to up the scariness of your map by at LEAST 100%!

    Below is an image of all overlays that are changed in this small content pack, plus an additional one:


    All filenames are whatever their original was, plus the prefix "spooky". So if you want to find your overlay, just select the one you are already using and it's pair should appear in the material browser.

    I hope that you can enjoy this pack and find a use for a material or two in your event map or other creepy occasion!

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