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  1. Startacker!

    Internal Failure Warning Sign V1

    Warning signs are made to be simple and quick to understand. Graphics are a good way of immediately conveying information or warning of potential hazards, regardless of language. This sign... is something else, however. Created by Pie_Savvy! Installation: put the signs folder into a materials...
  2. cnub66

    Arrow Pack 1.0

    Includes: Blue + neutral versions of the red 'circle' arrows Red versions of the blue 'rectangle' arrows Two blue 'capture point' arrows, for which a red version already exists in game To install, unzip and place in your tf/custom folder Credit not necessary. Please let me know if there are any...
  3. Midlou

    [Overlay] Water Caustic/Water Reflection V1

    Textures from CS:GO map de_nuke... so kudos to Valve.
  4. Cincomma

    72 Hour Jam "Jim's Jam" Poster 7-17-19

    A poster to be placed in 72hr Jam maps, featuring Jim's Jam. An upcoming company that totally won't evolve into Jimijam
  5. lemm1ng

    Overlays not showing up ingame

    I'm fairly new to Hammer Editor, but i'm learning! But now I've hit a problem. I want to create the "patch" overlay that usually is placed under Medkits, Ammo Packs etc. but they don't show up ingame. I first thought it may be because of my graphics, i usually put them at low because my PC is...
  6. AsG_Alligator

    More numbers v1

    Ever wanted to put some numbers on a building but you wanted a slightly different looking font? Here ya go, 2 more sets of number overlays for your detailing needs - Compacta font, for that classic TF2 look and Bombardier font, for any military-ish use.
  7. Muenster Monster

    Overlays work in hammer, but not in tf2, and trigger_impulse problems

    Hello, I've made a few custom overlays using UEAKCrash's tutorial, and these overlays show up completely ok in hammer However, when I load the map up in tf2 (sv_pure is set to -1), the overlays show up as missing textures. Additionally, I'm using trigger_apply_impulse (set to push a player...
  8. Pixel Brush

    koth_netherlands Overlays b1

    All the Overlays that are used in koth_netherlands are contained here. Use them how you want. This Pack Includes: minemap pixelbrushing (Unused) pixelbrushing_wide red1850 whogotit (went Unused in a5 mid3) arrow_blue_rt deadbushcorp plaster1 plaster2
  9. AndroidWG

    Overlay Need a few overlays for my map

    Hello guys, I'm working on a KOTH map called Altitude, and I'm looking for a few overlay signs and stuff. It's set around a radio tower, and I wanted to have some signs like RED Communications and stuff related to radio and such. Right now what I have in mind is a logo for RED and BLU in this...
  10. Cole Slaw

    Crate Emporium Overlay 2018-07-02

    An overlay to use in your maps, and just in time for the 72 Hour Jam too! Also an excuse to fill a warehouse with barrel_crate model s.
  11. Scampi

    Full SFM Prop Library 2018-05-19

    Prepare to be amazed by the huge swath of new props to play with! I recently downloaded a huge pack of SFM assets from MaxofS2D's website. I eagerly crammed them into the custom folder and started examining all of them. There truly was an entire content pack's worth of props in there... but...
  12. XEnderFaceX

    Mapping with Pride Overlay 2018-04-25

    An Overlay that shows that you Map with Pride! :;) :overlaytool: Note: The Overlay is quite Large inside Hammer!
  13. ficool2

    Is it okay to move brushes 0.5 or 0.25 units offgrid?

    I am making a map with some bumpmapped materials, and decals/overlays don't work on it. So I thought of a work around to make a nodraw func_illusionary with the top textured. I just want to quickly ask, is it okay if I move it using the Transform tool 0.5 or 0.25 units down? I know about the...
  14. Jusa

    Soviet signs from Kalinka 2017-10-13

    Forgot to upload these so here they are in case someone else has use for them. Might add more/edit them later. Credit me somewhere if you use them in your level.
  15. Diva Dan

    Spooky Overlays Mini-pack three point one

    Hello! This pack includes 16 different overlays to use in your Halloween maps. They are all redesigns of signs already in the game, but with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) twist to them. Meant to be eye catching and a nice piece of eye candy for a player to enjoy, thee overlays aim to up the...
  16. Micnax

    Alpha Electric Sign 2017-09-08

    The newest invention of 3D signs turned into 2D overlays, it's the Alpha Electric logo! Made for @TheLoafLord because I was bored. It's 512x512 and made in Photoshop. No credit required because it was like a 5 min job. Drop it in your tf folder.
  17. Glubbable

    Team Colored No Entry Overlays V2

    Just a basic color edit to the current no entry overlay in order to provide a blue version for blue spawns and a neutral one as a means to indicate one-way paths to players if all teams have access to said path. Depending on how its used will depend on how annoying or distracting it'll be to...
  18. pi-ka

    A custom decall problem

    Now, I just wanted to add decalls, but the custom ones, AND the normal ones look like black squares when I load up the map, in the editor they work correctly, but if I load them into the game they are just textured black... how can I fix this?
  19. ISPuddy

    PASSTime Team logo overlay 2017-05-28

    PASSTime team logo as seen in the hud now we can put it anywhere
  20. JargonJC

    Spray-painted white line 2017-05-13

    A simple paint line that fits well on asphalt and concrete. I made it for an airport I'm working on, but decided to make it public. This is my first ever custom texture. PM me what you use it for, I love pictures!