Emil's Orphaned Things Collection

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Jan 20, 2019
Well, after 8 months of being in this community (and creating quality content), I've decided it is time for me to move on. I started level design because the levels in my game were extremely flat, and I'm going to continue to make games (I also recently created a new twitter so if you want you can follow it). I would not want all my content to be lost, so I'm going to post it here. If you want some of them - ask me!

Released Maps:

pd_Redmel_a11 - player destruction map set up in desert temple, with lore about Rommel's ww2 african campaign. Deliver cans to the moving capture zone. Map have some flows with class balance and layout

cp_Rush_B_a1a - AD CP Steel-type map, where you can cap last point from start. Based on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant my attempt to make Outflow. Has layout problems.

cp_Venera_a1a - AD 3CP map based on Venus. Has small layout problems.

Crossfire - remake of original HLDM map for tf2 arena. If you want to make this map for Open Fortress - I will be happy

cp_Banyan_a2 - 72 hours jam map. Based on Vietnam War. Has pretty flat layout and optimization problems.

Unreleased Maps:

cp_Tet - Jungle themed map. Probably Vietnam War. A bit flat. Only A point
Снимок экрана (706).png

Other Stuff:

Emil's Custom HUD Icons - my icons for control points. Pretty big collection. Includes photoshop files

I think I might make 1 last map for b2b contest... maybe...
Anyway, if you like something of these feel free to ask me and orphan them


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