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  1. pumpko

    Payload Cart not moving at all

    READ REPLY I've created every entity needed for a payload map, however, when a blue player stands near the cart, the hud displays the arrow for the cart moving, but the cart does not move at all. The cart is raised highly off the ground, but it just refuses to move anywhere. Any ideas?
  2. D3C0D3R16

    map loading seems to be broken

    everytime i load up my map for testing it always says that my game is out of date. even though on steam it is already updated. no items are even in my inventory. Not even stock weapons. also the spy t-poses
  3. D3C0D3R16

    Not Snapping to grid as well as small windows

    hammer crashed on me and now the props, brushes, and things alike wont snap to the grid. also my 4 windows that show 4 different views are small and do not fill the screen. im wanting it to fill up the screen (othere than the left hand side tools there) and be normal. please help me.
  4. D3C0D3R16

    Map storage

    im going to be visiting my grandpa today and i want to show off a map im making. I'm thinking about putting it on a usb flash drive and then i thought, "where would i place the map file in the game files?" In a nutshell I'm asking where do I put the map file so i can run the map and edit it at...
  5. Cincomma

    Making MvM Maps

    Hello TF2Maps community! I need some assistance! I would like to know how to create logic for Mann vs Machine maps! (Spawn Points, bomb hatches, etc...) And I cant wait to start! Thanks!
  6. obodobear

    Custom MGE Maps?

    I recently received a job offer from someone who is looking for a custom mge map for his server. I took up his offer but told him I don't really know if i can figure out the plugin and how to make the map compatible with it. If anyone has any knowledge of how an mge map runs please let me...
  7. HartyChalL

    koth_ElectricTower 2017-08-07

    ElectricTower is here !!!
  8. Krycer [~TSP~]

    koth_tunnelduct a8

    My first ever (playeable) TF2 map - koth_tunnelduct, obviously inspired by koth_viaduct, done with the help of amazing tutorials from UEAKCrash! I tried tackling an interesting design with semi-hidden side tunnels that would lead to cover.
  9. HartyChalL

    koth_ElectricTower_a1 2017-08-05

    The first version of koth_ElectricTower !!!
  10. FishyUberMuffin

    How Many Maps Did You?

    How many maps did you people have to go threw until you got a okay map? I have 14 maps scrapped during and after development of the map themselves. How many did you go threw? I had to delete my whitejack. Now I am working on my 15th map which is a koth map.
  11. Zizinhu

    TF2 crashes whe i try to run my map

    Hey,before anything else,i'd like to say that i don't speak english very well,so,yeah... As you can see by the title of this,when i try to run a map i made,it crashes my tf2; When i select to compile the map in hammer,it does it normaly,open TF2,freezes for a few seconds,then,when tf2 tries to...
  12. obodobear

    Attempting to Port Things from Wii to Source Engine/Hammer

    TLDR: I'm making a map of colony 9 from Xenoblade and don't know how to compile .smd files or retexture world geometry in blender. Recently I took up a new mapping project for myself, it will be colony 9 from Xenoblade Chronicles (my favorite game of all time) and in doing so I have had to...
  13. Requiesta

    If a Developer Used Your Map Concept How Would You Feel?

    No, I'm not a developer, no I'm not taking your map concepts :P I'm taking your souls! That aside, I'm curious. How would you feel if Blizzard, or Hi-Rez looked at your idea for a new map type and made a series of maps for Overwatch or Paladins using it? Not taking the layout or any of the...
  14. Tyraka628

    Overlay I need some maps made, and I'm ready to pay money for it.

    I joined this website with the intention of finding someone who could either port maps from certain games into source, or create custom TF2 versions of these maps for me to use in Garry's Mod projects. The maps I want/need to be ported/created are: Autumn Plains, from Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage...
  15. Fruity Snacks

    Snowplow SFM compatible Maps b1

    These are SFM compatible maps of cp_snowplow, so you can make whatever SFM's you want it. Please give credit to myself, YM, and the other snowplow contributors.
  16. Duck-Joke

    Junglepit A4

    Koth_Junglepit is a new map i'm working on! It's supposed to be better than some of my other maps, because i prioritised mostly on the gameplay instead of the looks. And i wanted to create something 'serious' with a "normal/.gamemode. There is supposed to be trigger_push brushes on some of the...
  17. AlexCookie

    Your motivation

    What motivates you to create maps?
  18. AlexCookie

    EU DemoDay - Wednesday, June 1st

    When: 5pm GMT, June 1st Where: AlexCookie's EU server - Maps: arena_ixem_a12 by TMB cp_sandylane_a3 by CoolMitch 2nd arena_fightland_a1 by Nighttime71 cp_cenote_a2 by cookiesurvival pl_brickwalk_a04 by Doktor Richter Map pack download: MEGA Submission format: Map name...