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Hallowville a9a

Collect candy buckets from the opposing team and bring them home.

A simple PD map where you collect candy buckets from the opposing team and bring them back to your side. First map so criticism is appreciated.

Manor Candles props - Panckakebro
Halloween ammo packs, resupply lockers, and jack-o'-lanterns - Coolchou Zhao
Sinthetic prop pack - Tianes
Vehicle Pack - KrazyZark
Halloween resupply locker - blaholtzen
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

Latest updates

  1. A9a

    - Fixed some bugs with the flag not being able to be picked up
  2. A9

    Changed the drop-off building to more closely resemble the one in the HUD Changed the layout so the stealing areas are closer to the main points Moved the stealing areas into one of the houses Opened up and increased the size of the drop-off...
  3. A8b

    Moved chairs to the wall due to players getting stuck on them Made one symbol for the point and shrunk it down a bit Added clipping to railings and made bullet able to pass through