TF2Maps Contest question - Starting up a Contest

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Apr 26, 2020
I don't know if this is the right place to ask this and pardon me if it isn't in the right spot.

I love this website and it's contest and how it motivates the community and the game itself to thrive!
The events from this summer was really fun to look into and see what some people can make in such a short period of time (I still spend 2 weeks on just a single map myself!)

I was wondering if users can also open up a mini contest like the april fools one where members have a month to contribute to make a map in a theme since I am really interested to make one.
Was thinking of giving a Steam gift card to the winner of the contest for their effort, although I am just a user so if we could do a contest it would be the best to do it trough one of it's owners/trusted admins (give him the card + code)

But firsts things first ofcourse before I dwell into details, is it possible for members to implement a contest lasting a month long?