help needed

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  1. mozi_h

    Comment my 1st map: Zweiburg

    Hello, I'm new to mapmaking in TF2 and started with my 1st (koth) map about a week ago. I am asking you more advanced map-developers to help me out by commenting my so far work. Since I'm going to mirror the map and I am not putting it into alpha state yet, only one half is finished. I tried my...
  2. cinemassacres

    is this right?

    i am trying to follow this and i was wondering and i wanted the medium ammo box to be the thing that makes the player grow but would you put the growing in output or input
  3. Johnny1023

    Help me solve this issue!

    The 3D skybox is overwritten by the main part of the map and just looks weird, can anyone help me fix it?