help needed

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  1. LordDickinsonIV

    I am having an issue with projectiles on my map

    So i am having an issue with my map when someone is on a team (blu or red) and someone else connects. Once they connect and are put onto the motd screen all projectiles break or basically they don't explode when they hit walls or people. We have tried turning off any plugins we had installed on...
  2. Duck-Joke

    Trigger_Push does not work

    I'm making a map (here it is if you're curious:, but i'm having some problems... I've made some ledges, that you're not supposed to stand on, but you can jump over them with soldier, demo, scout etc. so i thought i could use trigger_push to push...
  3. FloofCollie

    An entity in my map is leaking... but it doesn't exist...?

    Hi, all! It's me again, with another nooby question! So, I shambled together my very first map over the past two weeks, and I've pretty much finished the first Alpha stage. However, upon a compile, the Compile Process Window tells me there's an entity that's leaking. Thanks to Crash's Compiler...
  4. Duck-Joke

    Where can i find this prop..

    So i am planning to work on something. But i need a special prop. Do you know if someone ever made a banana prop to tf2? I'm not talking about the slippery deathpit banana from mvm but a custom model. I know that there's a banana prop in hl2 and garry's mod, but i don't really know how to export...
  5. Malachite Man

    Help with this error.

    Hello everyone im having a problem with tf2 the game is saying cannot init steam datagram client , no steam HTTP interface and this is how it looks : I have restarted my computer and vertify my game files Please help.
  6. NateTDOM

    Playerclip Problem

    Disclaimer: I do not know if this is in the correct thread, i am new to the community and none of the other threads seemed to fit the category i needed. Anyway, I am working on a map, where i have just started laying player clips on the top of buildings to stop players from jumping on them...
  7. vulduv

    reinstalling tf2 breaks hammer

    i had a glitch with one of my maps. tf2 though i dident haw the acces key. so naturaly i reinstalled tf2. so it could make a new acces key for my maps. but instead of that... hammer refused to start bqs one text file was missing... YEP! not like it could. you know. replace it with a standard...
  8. Twist.vmf

    i need some info

    so i have a map idea and i need to know some stuff before i get started 1:how big is to big for hammer? the map is BIG so i need to know what hammer can handle 2:do you know any good tutorials for making a palode race? 3:what is the best and easiest way to make square or rectangular cuts in...
  9. PokemonTrainerWesley

    HELP NEEDED Problems with Water and Fire

    So time to ask about another problem. When I run my map, ALL OF THE WATER is invisible. Even if it isn't touching anything. (as shown by pictures of me swimming in the air) However, when you go into the water, it looks like you're actually underwater. I've tried using cubemaps, but those didn't...
  10. OctoBlitz

    Requesting Jane Doe Statue.

    Hello Everyone, I am currently looking for a prop for Mid on my map AirRaid. The Prop must be a statue of Jane Doe, otherwise known as the soldier, as a statue performing the taunt "Fresh Brewed Victory" with a plaque on the base of the statue saying "You we're good son, real good... Maybe even...
  11. PokemonTrainerWesley

    Texture Problems... HELP NEEDED

    So, my Hammer crashed and once I entered back into it, several textures were wrong. Whenever I run the map, the textures are still how they should be. I have no idea how to fix this, I've tinkered around things and searched the internet, but I still could not figure out the problem. The image...
  12. Tumby

    Need Help making Guide

    Since November 2015 I've been trying to write a guide on the proper creation of VTF and VMT files. My slight language barrier and especially the fact that I'm terrible at writing things means that I have no idea how to do this properly. I have made 4 textfiles filled with random information so...
  13. Zeklyn

    Sound delay, FPS and optimization

    Well my make is not well optimized, and i just realised this after i've added a ton of stuff.. Like the title describes sound delay this is what my consoles spams me (its different from which weapon i'm using of course); BlockingGetDataPointer: Async I/O Force weapons\machete_swing.wav (...
  14. Zeklyn

    Decompiling and error textures

    I am trying to decompile the map mario_kart (I'm using BSPSource), but when i try the map i only get error textures. I know that i'm missing ALL the textures this map is using. So i am wondering, is it any place where i can download the textures of this map? I am not getting any errors when i...
  15. Malachite Man

    what do you think i should do for ukiyo ?

    :cordonenable:What do you think?:cordonenable: I have been working on ukiyo a6 and i want to know what do you think i should do for the map? Mid is a small room and people compilainted about it and i was wondering what to do about it? I added this top part but i do not know of ot will help...
  16. Alexecutioner

    Missing garage door?

    I started making my first map and I wanted to have a garage door with windows but I could not find any models or texture for it. I have the ultimate mapping ressource pack installed. Do I need another pack or am I blind?
  17. Tsarbucks

    Working with cylinders in Hammer

    Hello everyone. I recently began mapping and i'm currently working on a KOTH map that I later plan on turning onto a 5cp map. Anyways, the point is on the bridge which goes over a 256 hammer unit deep ravine (cylinder). My question is 2 fold. How do I make curving ramps going up to the...
  18. OctoBlitz

    Requesting Models for my new map

    Hello everyone, I am currently creating a map based on tropical islands and the Hawaiian islands. I am requesting for props and models such as Tiki statues and Tiki torches that can have red and Blue skin variations on the statues. I am willing to pay for services however it is up to you...
  19. Z


    Anyone know how to stretch a texture? Say if I wanted one blood stain and not two halves of one
  20. Eris

    Problems with Pakrat

    Hey all. I've been mapping for just under a year now, but pakrat has lately begun to throw up issues and whatnot. Usually I could just automatically scan for files and it'd work mostly fine, but in this past map or two it has not done this. I am unable to add the files via the scan feature...