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  1. Lasagna Pizza

    How to make individual bot parent the entity/brush from point_template?

    I had made the bots spawn on the traintrack entity and worked, it include point_template . But the only thing i wanted is the bots spawn their own indiviadual traintrack, instead of that 1 traintrack parented all bot. (picture of straight line and 5 bot on each indiviadual traintrack moving to...
  2. Ðoge

    Server FastDL question

    Can I use third party link for FastDL, if it contains all maps that I need? For example this one Because I`m trying to use it and doesn`t work. Server commands: sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 net_maxfilesize 64 sv_downloadurl ""
  3. moo

    Viewport Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am new to Hammer Editor and map-making, and I need some help with this viewport problem I had. So when I opened Hammer Editor and looked through the viewport, I saw a full-screen button at the top and so I clicked it, and now I don't know how to make it smaller again. Does...
  4. Dime

    Poster Disappears after Copy and Pasting it from another map into my own

    I tried to take the large poster of the map of the world from the big room off the side of the intel room of 2fort and put it into my own map. When I do, the poster shows up in hammer but doesn't when I actually run the map.
  5. Croc Snipe

    I have lot of leaks that I can't be able to find

    I was making a huge CTF map when I get leaks from nowhere although my map is currently sealed and no voids contacting the inside. The Entities exposed to the void were: item_teamflag, light_env. and the props that it says it's outside the map even though it not is: lightbubl001.mdl and some 2...
  6. Oof256

    Tf2 Hammer Door Stuck To Other Door. (Solved) (Self Fixed)

    I Was Making A Double Door Where, 1 door would move to the left and the other to the right, when suddenly running the game, the door is attached to the other, and it isnt that i made it move to the same side as the other door, i checked. and the door isnt even grouped, please help me.
  7. ButteredSideDown

    Problem with prop recognition in hammer

    I have this issue where if i don't get close enough to an entity or a prop, it gets replaced with a big colourful box covering it. This makes it incredibly hard to make out which of my props and entities are which, plus it makes it difficult to pick out props that i need for my map.
  8. Etho

    Map won't update when compiled

    Hello! I'm a novice map creator, and I've been working on a map on and off for the past month or so. Everything had been working alright for a while up until a day ago. My map won't update when compiled, this has been infuriating for me as I've spent the past day and a half trying to solve this...
  9. Communism

    Steam must be running to connect to multiplayer servers.

    So I have managed to get myself ahold of an old windows xp/vista build of steam, for my vista laptop (yes vista still, shut up) and uo until recently, TF2 was running well on it, slow, but running well. But one day I wanted to go and try playing ctf_turbine because I have heard it runs well on...
  10. JackHunderwald

    My map suddently makes the game crash upon loading it. Send Cops plz.

    Hey everyone! I'm (well, I was) currently making a small custom map without objective designed to rest after a long battle, or train against some targets. anyways, I tried to go with the TF2 artstyle for it (also can we thank valve for the great props Jungle Inferno gave us? They'rre great!), so...
  11. Gay Sugar

    I'm having trouble placing props (prop_static)

    Hello, i'm making a map with hammer and when i go to browse world models when the window opens up it loads fully, but i cant click on anything at all. Its kinda like its frozen or something, does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. Reversed |TRADEIT.GG|

    I need help, im new to hammer

    im stuck in one view in Hammer, could somebody help me?
  13. The Almighty Can

    Koth control point not enabling

    I'm in the process of making a map (new mapper) and its going well (its a koth map) , till i hit a road block. That being the Control point deciding that enabling was not in its best option. It had the voice lines for enabling, it just decided I'm not going to work. I've tried many tutorials on...
  14. Itspice

    things don't seem to be doing what they're supposed to

    im watching UEAKCrash's tutorial series and i've gotten to here View: where he talks about using the clipping tool. im holding control and left click but nothing is getting selected. im very confused.
  15. cosmicfortune

    (Fixed) Game closes upon map load.

    All I wanted to do was see how things are so far. I quickly put together a skybox, setup a light_enviroment, and clicked run. Only to see the game just close upon loading the map. Here's the log: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress...
  16. Huntey

    Doors filter not working

    Hey, im wondering why this happens. When i use a filter for like a blue door and i make it so only blue can use it the opposing teams players can acces it as well , the trigger doesnt let them but if they go right next to the door it opens and lets them in as well as stays open until round finishes.
  17. pasqually

    Moving KOTH Control Point Help

    Hello, all. I'm very new to Hammer and mapping in general (and I know that trying to run before I can crawl is not the best idea) but I'm trying to do some testing on an idea that I had- a Control Point that raises while you cap it and drops back to a base position when you don't. (Once it...
  18. Sourpickle0402

    is there a more efficient way to get these 1/8 hu leaks from my displaced brushes?

    I keep having leaks in the boders of my displaced brushes, i have found countless, but its just extremely tiring, im wondering if there is a better way
  19. Z

    kinda buggy skybox

    the skybox is enables you to see through a wall and its not supposed to. the first picture is from the outside and the second one is from where im looking at in the first
  20. Tango

    How to move brushes on triggers?

    Hi, Ive been trying to make a cool little addition to my upcoming Payload map. What i want is for a brush that can move and rotate in all directions on a trigger. So if the trigger occurs the brush will move like 16 HU forward or rotate 10 degrees. Is this even possible?