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Unique take on the 'standin gamemode' Entry for Back to Basic Contest

  1. Asd417
    There are several problems I see with cp_standin.

    First, the points are too far from each other. You cap a point, and leave to go get the next point. When you are halfway there to the next point, the enemy team has almost captured the point you captured 20 seconds ago. You either turn back or proceed to capture the next point. If you turn back, you may be able to save the point. But you dont get to capture the point. If you proceed, you will lose the point while gaining a point, netting 0 point. The rotation time between the points should be smaller.

    There is no clear 'frontline', causing the players to be everywhere. The connectors between the points are the main culprit of this problem. It funnels the players into one or two doorways so players are less organized. The fights are therefore sporadic and the winner is decided based on whoever spots the other first. To solve this, I've made all connectors between the points to have inherent 'owner.' The connectors are always closer to one team than to the other. This means that players can make strategic choice of choosing which connector to use depending on the team that controls the point near it.

    Lastly, the map is mirror symmetry that I despise. It is not balanced and it is harder to work on the layout as I have to mirror everything. This includes props which I may or may not be allowed to make a mirrored version. Hammer is also terrible at mirroring props.

    Version a10: after testing with dom_mode
    The same problem I see from other dom_ map comes up in the exact same way in this map: once you get snowballed enough, there is no coming back. The losing team is at such disadvantage, that everyone's demotivated. Also team coordination is worse in this mode: since you dont lose outright in this gamemode for losing all points, each players can choose to tackle the situation in their own way for example, one can set up a nest in owned point, one can attack the point and one can choose to contest the point. There are many options to choose, ultimately decreasing the team coordination at the most important moments.

    Koth seems to achieve the same thing as the others but in the most intuitive way as possible. The koth timer for this 3cp map goes down only when one team has more points than the others. This means that it is more likely for players to concentrate on less number of points then dom since even one capture can change the tide of the game. The problem with this gamemode is that the overtime is often drawn out as all capture points are required to not be contested. Therefore, overtime can easily extend over a minute.

    However, without the overtime, the map faces the same problem as the cp_ version of the map which is that the teams are required to rush from point to point which can exhaust players. Also, it seems to require teams to be more coordinated in order to defend or to capture two points during overtime.


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