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winter war A4

in a winter war. red and blu has a... war...

this is a frontline themed map set in the icy land of... idk.
its overall theme is of the winter war. when russia tried invading finland in WWII.
First release
Last update
Domination CP

More downloads from vulduv

  • launch
    blu team are invading a red "radar base" to stop them from launching a rocket
  • pl_switchtrack
    a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.
  • Oil Ridge
    Oil Ridge
    Red have built an oil rig. blu are trying to destroy it. thats it.
  • koth_boom_factory_pro
    a koth map that will have a joke version at a later date.
  • koth_boom_factory
    in the middle of an explosives factory. two teams fight. i guess...

Latest updates

  1. the "okay its even smaller now" update

    changes *shrunk the map on the mirror axis. (B is now closer to A/C) *lowered the bridge thing between A and C to make it less appealing to attack those points. added *4 medium healthpacks and 2 medium ammo around B to make it easier to attack
  2. the "i guess she can talk now. and small stuff..." update

    added *announcer voice lines. *3 AA batteries *hud element that says how many points each team has (to better communicate the gamemode and to help people understand wich control point on the hud is closer to what team.) *added 2 signs for A and C...
  3. the "no more dings" update

    *changed the logic to get rid of the damn dinging.