Domination Hybrid v1

Now Hybrid is gamemode-hybrid as well.

  1. Jack5
    Want to make your own Domination map? Download the prefab by clicking here.
    You can find the original CP Hybrid here.
    It never occurred to me during the development of Hybrid that I could turn it into a Domination map, however, now that both me and Docteur Whoa have effectively stopped working on the map, this seems like the best time to make the gamemode port. In this version of Hybrid, the Sewers are permanently open, meaning a majority of fights will be centered around the Courtyard and intelligence points B and R, leaving the Warehouse a safe capture.
    Domination is a gamemode in which both teams have static minutes for timers, which will hereby be referred to as points. Owning one control point takes one point away from the owning team per second, and the first team to reach 0 points is the winner.

    Jack5 - Original author and Domination gamemode
    Docteur Whoa - Original author
    Soldier_engie-demo - Original author


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