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  1. +200 pings

    dev textures ain't showing up

    when i type the filter "dev" it's not showing any dev textures except blue and red dev textures why?
  2. FloofCollie

    Tomfoolery A2

    This is my first ever playable map! Inspired by another custom map, CP Indulge, this is a Sawmill-themed stormy alpine map that's still in the dev texture stage. Despite being an entry for the 72hour jam, it was actually made in around 6 hours. It, uh... it shows.
  3. Hatty

    koth_DevMeasure 2017-07-12

    -A King of the Hill map that's loosely based on a construction site. -Players: Up to 24 -Thanks again to Medimedes, the Lazy Cowboy Engie, and Mario for playtesting all verisons up until release -Any feedback would be appreciated
  4. Diva Dan

    Viaduct Reduced to its Minimum

    (Or how Asd would call it, back to b1) This thread includes a download to a VMF of viaduct but with everything unimportant to it's structure stripped away. This means detail props, gameplay logic (spawnroom are left in), and most func_Details are gone. The file comes with basic clipping that is...
  5. vulduv

    koth_beertown a3

    a koth map that uses a layout similar to viaduct. and while yes the bars are detailed. they where detailed when i was bored so... but anyway. i hope this map plays well.
  6. Asd417

    Cliffface_a1 a3

    overall view Flank under the cap point A tunnel where players can drop down to the mine above Frontyard battlementPath leading to highground looking down at the point spawn is located where my rocket is heading It vaguely follows viaduct formula so it should be fine in terms of gameplay. There...
  7. mistertilapia

    Dev Texturing Tips?

    Hello all, I've tried to make a few maps but on each one I've had trouble refraining from doing art passes before the layout is proven. This is mainly due to the fact that my usual orange/gray dev textures are painful to look at and don't distinguish landscape and structures very well. I was...
  8. Kyzer

    CP_7 A3

    Tour [A1] I'll be hosting an impromptu later today if I feel like doing it. I don't have a name or a theme yet for the map.
  9. Twist.vmf

    apologies from TwistMapper.exe (the power crash)

    in a recent test on my map (koth_power_feud) caused a server crash. this is because of an entity on the map that i probably shud have warned the testers of, this entity was a cluster of explosives on each side. if the explosives are shot at least 4 times they will blowup! but if they blowup...
  10. DrLambda

    Tinted Dev Textures (Displacement Placeholders) V1

    As people have been asking about the brown and green dev textures i'm using on pretty much every alpha for a while now, i decided to upload them. I'm using them to create placeholders where displacements will probably be in the future. After installing the contents of the folder to...
  11. Twist.vmf

    koth_power_feud a1

    this just to get the word out
  12. Snus Fika

    Texturing a specific surface. How to?

    Something that has always bothered me while making the base of my maps is the dev texture. I know that it's good to use while making the structure. It's easy to remove and add, but something has been bothering me so much i almost gave up my mapping entirely. In many, many videos of mapping...