KOTH Tools a6

Sometimes improper mapping practices can be beautiful.

  1. Jack5
    This map is a Work In Progress, having existed as a submission of mine on GameBanana since April the 12th, 2018. GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and information regarding the map.

    KOTH Tools (koth_tools_a6) is a gigantic Hammer Editor joke currently in the works, taking inspiration from KOTH Skybox. KOTH Tools uses modified versions of tool textures which enable the "triggers" and "clips" to be visible within Team Fortress 2. This is done by layering the non-functional edit of a tool texture as a func_brush on top of the regular texture, with the exception of Nodraw, which is a simple solid of its own. The skybox is custom but is comprised entirely of the skybox tool texture repeated multiple times.

    In the future, KOTH Tools aims to be another minigame-type KOTH map similar to April Fools maps such as TF2Craps. Each event will focus on an aspect of the Hammer Editor that can be used comedically, such as leaks, missing textures, lighting, error props and more. A displacement is also planned to be added to the middle area. Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated during this time.

    Jack5 - Map designer


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