Scotch A4

3 point Attack/Defend

  1. squeezit
    My first true A/D map that I hope to finish.

    The additional URL is in case this download isn't update with the newest version:

    Map info:
    • 3 Capture points.
    • 1 spawn area for Red, 1 for Blue (I hope to change this, I need help locating where extra spawns should be located)

    This is in its second alpha phase, and I hope to get as much feedback as I can to ensure this becomes a fun map. Some features I'm set on keeping, but feel free to help me make these places more efficient/balanced. There are also parts of the map which I'm 100% sure will not stay ;)

    I'm hoping the theme works from Dustbowl-esque desert -> Spytech.


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