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  1. Em__B

    My first time using Hammer (Open)

    First things first: Map Name - koth_eat_ash_a1 (Totally was called that the whole time) Project Type - Open Map Stage - Alpha Credit - I'd appreciate it :) I decided that I wanted to...
  2. samuelkeller64

    Dev Textures "On Grid"

    I'm new to to mapping and have played a few imps with the Steam group. One common comment I've seen is when maps aren't "on grid", which seems to refer to the dev textures not lining up with the lines provided (the 64x64 ones I assume). I've noticed that with my maps that I've been trying to...
  3. Trippey

    koth_mega_ultra_super_basic a4

    Currently work in progress, the name might change as well
  4. mcp613

    pl_varvil a3

    In the land of Varvil, only the toughest survive. This is a basic single-stage payload map. There are 3 capture points and one point where the bomb drops off. The layout:
  5. I Want To Die

    koth_devfort 2019-08-04

    I'm sorry if the map isn't that good, I haven't tried mapping for quite a while, and I'm also sorry if I put a file that is unnecessary. I put a .vmf file just because if anyone wants to edit this map. My Steam:
  6. Misk

    koth_small_stone A1

    My first real map, still in developer textures. Two doorways, and a hallway coming out of spawn leading to an elevated middle point.
  7. Bebe66

    koth_riesling a2

    Hello, this is the first map I have ever created. I am interested in finding out problems with my map and how to improve it. Only Dev textures have been used so far so it won't look as pretty. Please consider a download. Thanks, Bebe ------------------------ EDIT 18/08/19 New verison of map...
  8. Badger_

    Best way to use dev textures?

    I've been playing with Hammer for about a month now and still getting to grips with the program and mapping but I've noticed when I see others use dev textures it always looks neat and easy on the eye but most people seem to use them differently. I see maps with orange and some without, some...
  9. True lemon

    KotH_Bronze a2

    yes i did name it after my "first" map, no its not as bad as the original. sorry about not having screenshots, i just uploaded this so i could test it on the imp.
  10. FloofCollie

    Waffle (First map reupload) A2

    This was my first map, reuploaded here for the First Map Gameday after I eradicated it from the Earth so that nobody would have to experience it. As of writing it hasn't ever been tested on a server. Tiny, sightlines, short cap times, dead ends, strange routes and cramped buildings. New in this...
  11. Thermite

    Thermite's extra dev textures 2018-12-06

    Just some extra dev textures. Nothing fancy.
  12. not ded

    koth_shippen_a1 2018-11-27

    This is an abandoned submarine military base set in the Antarctica,deep in the ground,ice and partially in the ocean.Our nine mercenaries will have fight the other team to get the EPIC VICTORY ROYALE and regain control of the base This is my first map,sorry for my brushwork and lighting,but...
  13. rafradek

    4way A3

    Just me screwing around in Hammer. This is my first map so please don't bite
  14. Skylark

    dev2 0.3

    Dev textures without text plus light/dark extras for red and blu. Download .zip and move the dev2 folder into your tf/custom folder, be sure to pack when releasing. Included textures: - 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% (with and without text) - black - white - grey - dirt - grass -...
  15. MacRipley

    Scotch A4

    My first true A/D map that I hope to finish. The additional URL is in case this download isn't update with the newest version: Map info: 3 Capture points. 1 spawn area for Red, 1 for Blue (I hope to change this, I need help locating where...
  16. DrLinnerd

    Warehouses A1

    small map consisting of two warehouses, includes multiple (two) flanks with symmetric design. working on adding a train that goes through the warehouses.
  17. Muenster Monster

    Light not showing up properly

    Are Dev Textures able to have light cast on them? Because I've created a bunch of spotlights pointing at the dev textures, but no light shows up on them. However, the lights are still there, as my player model and viewmodel both light up in the spotlight's area. UPDATE: It's not caused by dev...
  18. Jack5

    KOTH Tools a6

    Preface This map is a Work In Progress, having existed as a submission of mine on GameBanana since April the 12th, 2018. GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and information regarding the map. Description KOTH Tools (koth_tools_a6) is a gigantic Hammer Editor joke...
  19. vulduv

    koth_boom_factory_pro A1

    this map will hopefully play well and be fun. : ) but chanses are that its quite bad. : P but thats why we playtest maps.
  20. Beef Bucket

    The Devbucket Collection V1B

    A small collection of custom dev textures. Includes three variant of TF2 styled solid red, orange, green, cyan, indigo and purple textures. Also features four brown and grey textures with one variant each, meant to supplement red and blue respectively. Tagged as: TF, Dev, Beefbucket...