Light not showing up properly

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Muenster Monster

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Apr 22, 2018
Are Dev Textures able to have light cast on them? Because I've created a bunch of spotlights pointing at the dev textures, but no light shows up on them. However, the lights are still there, as my player model and viewmodel both light up in the spotlight's area.

UPDATE: It's not caused by dev textures. The spotlight is being blocked by a prop and I was too dumb to realize
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Jul 29, 2016
yes, Dev textures can have light cast on them. my recommended fixes are to 1: check for leaks, any part of the map that is not sealed off by the sky or brush.
2:check that your spot light settings are bright enough show up, sometimes the lights will not be strong enough to even reach the wall.
3:if it still won't work, put your VMF here so we can open it and try and find the problem for you.

that is the help i can give, i hope it works.