apologies from TwistMapper.exe (the power crash)

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    in a recent test on my map (koth_power_feud) caused a server crash. this is because of an entity on the map that i probably shud have warned the testers of, this entity was a cluster of explosives on each side.

    if the explosives are shot at least 4 times they will blowup! but if they blowup to many times it can cause a variety of problems, from an extreme drop in fps to apparently a crash. so this is my apology to all the testers and the admins for the problem.

    in the new a6 all explosives are now removed and have been replaced by more nonexplosive stuff
    again i am sorry for "michael baying the server"

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    It's no big deal, happens to everyone.
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    Too bad it crashed the server, it was fun as hell to mess around with those explosions.
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