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  1. Ruffer

    Hilltop B3

    This is my first full TF2 map which is a KOTH map set on a farm.
  2. I dinne ken

    Koth_evergreen a2a

    Evergreen! Where the trees are evergreen and the grass is temporarily green (subject to time of year). This is the first map I'm proud enough of to post, after around 3/4 of a year of making maps and not doing so. I originally had the orange oak tree and orange grass theme going on, but I then...
  3. Nixon

    alpinestorm a4

    An alpine storm themed 5cp map!
  4. Startacker!

    Asym2 Laadeedaa a5b

    This was originally a Territorial Control map, but because TC is so convoluted and messy I dropped it. Then I made it a gravelpit style A+B>C map, that sucked. So now it's just an A/D map. Still offering bonus points for whoever guesses where "laadeedaa" comes from
  5. 14bit

    Fracture A8

    Here's stage one of my multistage payload I've been planning for a while! Stage one is mostly outside, stage two will be inside the mine, and stage three will be a mix of both. This might end up being an entry to Assym2 if I'm happy with it when the contest ends. Feedback is always...
  6. n8five484

    Limelight A1

    Limelight is a standard King of the Hill map. Formerly named Drainyard after Drain You by Nirvana, it switched to Limelight after the song of the same name by Rush. It is a revisited version of Drainyard, an incomplete map I made back in 2015. Screenshots of current version:
  7. That Guy On The Left

    C_Infiltration A2

    -The first in my series of Campaign maps in TF2. -Designed as a one player, or potentially a cooperative, experience. With many environmental kills put in to find and use. -Map has four different outcomes depending upon how the objectives are followed. -Comes with vmf for dissection and...
  8. Foot

    Headland A12

    First serious map attempt and submission to tf2maps. Currently at A10, looking for feedback to further streamline the experience. Thanks for the help and feedback so far.
  9. Dr. Orange

    72hr Jam 2022 Detail Dr. Orange 72 Re-upload

    My entry for the 72 hour jam. It took me literary days to do this! Contains 3 connected areas: * An outdoor, alpine creek filled with huts, buildings and pine trees. * A cave/mine. * A hidden away spytech base. Feel free to download and look around! I'm sure there are bugs, but it's too late...
  10. dryerlint

    72hr Jam 2022 Raven A1-REUPLOAD

    Alpine map for the 72hr Jam. Originally, it was supposed to have 3 points, but I ran out of time and had to cut it down to 2. The layout isn't particularly good, this was mostly intended to be an artistic/detailing project. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  11. Bull

    Frozenvalley A1

    Warning: a1 is quite unoptimized Hey guys! Been a while since my last project but I've got a new one in the works. It's a single-stage payload map set in the snowy mountains, the name is just a placeholder for now. Both teams have one single forward spawn and there are several shortcuts opening...