koth_timbrr b2

A chilly map about stealing timber

  1. dotmd
    Timber is in short supply so we need to steal some from the opposing team by capturing the control point. After all, logs don't grow on trees!

    This is my first map, made for the connect 5 contest (The fan favourite line of 1 Moving Train, Snow, Day, Alpine/Forest, Symmetrical)

    Any feedback would be appreciated


    1. koth_timbrr_b20007.png
    2. koth_timbrr_b20010.png
    3. koth_timbrr_b20012.png
    4. koth_timbrr_b20013.png
    5. koth_timbrr_b20014.png
    6. Capture.PNG

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  1. b2 update

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  1. Jack5
    Version: b1
    This is the complete polar opposite of Alpine Depo. Rather than being so detailed the game slows down, this map has very little detailing at all.