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koth_alpine A2

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koth_alpine A2

Take advantage of the two outer buildings to converge on the center objective!

If you want the long version, watch this video:

(Sorry about the whistling S's and me clearing my throat. I didn't realize how annoying it was until I re-watched it :p)

Cliff notes version:
  • The map has two buildings and my goal is for the teams to fight over these two buildings to give them vantage points to attack and defend the objective from.
  • I am afraid of how to balance snipers since I want to give other classes enough cover to avoid them, but I don't want the sniper to be unplayable either.
  • I want to make sure the building over the cliff has enough good entrances that can't all be blocked off too easily.
  • I didn't put signs pointing to the objective because I didn't know where players would get confused. So please tell me where to put them if you think the map needs them.
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  1. Updated layout and some props.

    I'm still exploring the game engine, so I decided to add a 3D-skybox, props, and a bunch of layout changes. Probably a bad idea since I still haven't done any real playtesting, but the decorated areas aren't areas that will likely need very much...