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  1. spruce

    Raminea a1

    It's Tasmania but remade You can go home now I should hav called it Goldania/Tasrush (It's not very good right now but I think with a few updates it can become a better map) FAQ: Q: But why? A: Because I said so I wanted to update tasmania but opening the vmf gave me the sudden urge to punch...
  2. Silver_Eagle

    cp_frozen_final 2023-05-04

    Hello all, I'm posting a version (probably the last one I will make) from my map there to get some feedback about it. It's actually a map I've started to create with a friend Dr. Cooper a long time ago. He finally stopped with TF2 and I continued alone to try improving the map design and...
  3. Dasprucegoose

    cp_dasprucegoose_mc24_a1 a1

    Prompt: Prompt from Brushwagg Connoisseur
  4. ArtZ

    Pinerock rc1

    2CP A/D map with an alpine setting. BLU pushes through a staging building to an open A courtyard and after sidewinding pushes up a hill to B, with buildings flanking either side.
  5. zythe_

    zythectf a4

    capture the flag
  6. Undercover Fish

    Sapwood B1

    3-point, single stage CP A/D map. BLU attempts to raid a logging operation ran by RED, extracting a suspiciously shiny sap from a valley forest. Planned theme/detail is alpine, transitioning through the map from run-down, shady, and wooden, to modern, concrete, and sunny. Sapwood isn't my first...
  7. pumpko

    Downfall a1

    4cp payload, with an alpine/farm theme. tried experimenting with angles and stuff. custom models and stuff (owo pumpkin, skinny trees, fixed granary skybox) by tumby
  8. Asd417

    Highwood Pro b3

    Hi I'm working on Highwood again. I saw the changes made while I wasnt taking part of the development and thought that it would be better to create a separate pro version. The old demo doesnt seem to work though so I think it would be nice to have some playtest with the new version. The new...
  9. MrOakridge

    KOTH Pines 1.0

    A straightforward KOTH map in the alpine theme. Created for the 72Hour Summer Jam 2022.
  10. Total Rapscallion

    koth_scaffold a4

    Hello ! This is my first map (well, not really; i've been mapping since a bit of time, but that's the first thing i made for tf2 that's actually playable). Obviously i took a lot of inspiration from highpass, it's my favorite koth map ! But as well i took a bit of badlands, and the general map...
  11. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    4-Team Floodgate A3

    "Welcome to Floodgate! A defunct reservoir in Michigan is being fought over by 4 contenders and their hired mercenaries! Don't drink the water." My first finished TF2c map, the map is currently in alpha despite the lack of dev textures. This is an arena map that utilises valleys and chokes to...
  12. Aulli

    Goldwood (Arena) a2b

    With the Original 5cp variant of Goldwood originating from a mode shift, I thought it'd only be right to give it another mode shift spinoff as I'm nearing completion. Custom assets:
  13. zythe_

    zytif a3

    collaboration with the bruh legend @Tiftid
  14. zythe_

    zythehouse a1

    despite what the name of this map might suggest, this is not actually my house, though i kinda wish it was...
  15. Keizer Ei

    Rocky A1

    Rocky is my second CTF map (the first being my MC13 Mode Shifter map, Flintgun) with a relatively compact layout and also my first alpine themed map. I made this with the intent of it being an exercise in angled geometry and displacements, but it grew into a full map. Made with chin-style...
  16. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Spring Gameday!

    Springtime is in the air! Warmer temperatures, flowers blooming and longer days means it's a great time to NOT go outside and enjoy any of that and instead play some community maps that help capture that feeling instead! WHERE: New York Server - WHEN: Saturday...
  17. nesman

    CP Baxter

    Baxter - Blu fights Red in their nuclear power plant! Originally based on baxter state park in Maine. It now takes place in a nuclear power plant similar to the Maine Yankee, Maine's nuclear power plant.
  18. nesman

    Baxter a9a

    Originally based on baxter state park in Maine. It now takes place in a nuclear power plant similar to the Maine Yankee, Maine's nuclear power plant.
  19. Cindycomma

    Clatter Pass a1

    A well-type KotH map! What's well-type? Much like cp_well, this KotH map has setup time that allows medics to build uber and engineers to build modest nests before the teams fight, creating a new spin on KotH. A1 screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  20. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Stormpeak a2a

    After months of on and off development, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait! A 4CP Payload map taking you up the edge of a stormy mountain, with the storm getting more fierce the higher you go! A re-imagining of my 72-Hour 2020 map Stormy Hill Custom assets used: Mossy rocks and...