European Signs Decal Pack 2018-07-30

Small European themed decal pack for the 72 hour jam.

  1. Pie_Savvy
    Now you too can set your map in the rugged terrain of the Austrian Alps or in an industrial port along the Rhine.
    Includes a read me with who to credit if you use this in a map.

    So for our 72 hour jam we did some map decal signs with a european flair. If there is any issues (or you want us to make a decal sign) feel free to PM me here or on steam.

    This is our first decal pack so there is bound to be issues.


Recent Reviews

  1. Goodnight Girl
    Goodnight Girl
    Version: 2018-07-30
    Fantastic signs, although the feel like they encroach on the TF2 style just a little bit with some of the outlines and font choices. I wish the colours were a bit brighter but I can see this used tons in Sawmill/Rottenburg-style maps.