Villa B12A

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. B12A

    kevin gator
    Fixed a wallbug and added spectator cameras
  2. B12

    kevin gator
    • More detailing around the map
    • Changed the geometry of the tiled high ground on last slightly
    • Lowered the jump height on top of the vine post in valley
    • Changed shack on mid
    • Opened up the door from fountain into mid
    • Removed the sign over valley
    • Added another small ammo pack on last
  3. B11A

    kevin gator
    Fixed some invisible textures
  4. B11

    kevin gator
    • Moved shack on mid
    • Re-designed tower and stairs to it on mid
  5. B10

    kevin gator
    • Redesigned shack on mid
    • Slightly changed the terrain of mid with more displacements
    • Added stairs and a platform on mid
  6. B9A

    kevin gator
    Forgot to compile clipping previously
  7. B9

    kevin gator
    • Made mid bigger
    • Removed the market stall on mid and pulled the stairs over to reduce clutter
    • Slightly reduced the size of fountain and changed the stairwell a bit, moved the health and ammo pack to the bottom of the stairs
    • Changed the wood boards on second to an actual staircase connecting the exit from fountain into second to the high ground by choke
    • Redesigned the entrance from cafe into lobby
    • Added a small health pack under the hedge on last
    • Added more boulders...
  8. B8

    kevin gator
    • Added a 3D skybox
    • Did some detailing
    • Improved lighting
    • Re-positioned forward spawn on second
    • Made small quality of life changes to geometry around the map (smoothed out a ramp on second, removed part of a wood barrier on second, moved boxes slightly in lobby)
    • Raised and covered the roof of fountain, made doorway into second from fountain larger
    • Optimized the map more so it doesn't kill framerates
  9. B7A

    kevin gator
    Forgot to compile clip brushes last update, here they are
  10. B7

    kevin gator
    • Redesigned truck completely
    • Raised the fence on second
    • Made shape of big wall the same on both second points
    • New map lighting and skybox
    • Blocked sightline on second
    • Fixed some clipping issues
    • Opened up sewer under mid