Villa B3

Competitive 5CP map set in a European hill town

  1. B3

    kevin gator
    • Made some adjustments to sightline on last
    • Added a new ramp for attackers pushing right into last
    • Redesigned the right push into last from lobby
    • Re-detailed cellar to look better
  2. B2

    kevin gator
    Redesigned last
  3. B1A

    kevin gator
    Added some missing details and clipping
  4. Beta 1

    kevin gator
    • Detailed the map completely
    • Switched some small ammokits to medium ones
    • Smoothed clipping
  5. A15C

    kevin gator
    Fixed more missing blockbullets
  6. A15B

    kevin gator
    Blockbullets didn't compile last update (whoops) now they do
  7. A15A

    kevin gator
    Smoothed out some displacements
  8. A15

    kevin gator
    -Did more detailing
    -Opened up fountain
    -Removed fountain ammo pack
    -Changed mini ammo pack in stairs to fountain to a medium ammo pack
  9. A14B

    kevin gator
    Fixed game breaking issues with A14A
  10. A14A

    kevin gator
    -Made cliff look better on last
    -Fixed some other irregularities