Villa B17A

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. B17A

    kevin gator
    Fixed a minor wallbug on mid
  2. B17

    kevin gator
    - Brought back the medium health & ammo in choke
    - Removed the small healthkits on mid by the market stall
    - Turned fountain medium health back into small health
    - Added back the angled ramp by choke on second and removed a board sticking out over the shutter under batts to help with rollouts
    - Added small healthkits by right side on last (from defenders perspective)
    - Cut off a corner of the 2nd platform to make the area around the choke stairs less cramped
  3. B16A

    kevin gator
    Used the wrong file when uploading B16 so here's the real B16

    - Simplified a lot of brushes and removed overly complex details
    - Reduced the amount of unnecessary rendering that happens on the map through skybox changes and prop fade distances
    - Added HDR support
    - Added player and pickup shadows
    - Made the map slightly brighter
    - LAST
    - Tightened up the space behind point on last by adding new ledges that stick out from the wall and pushing spawn...
  4. B15B

    kevin gator
    Properly packed custom assets
  5. B15A

    kevin gator
    Clipping fixes
    - Fixed an issue where players could get caught on terrain in front of mid forward spawn
    - Improved clipping between the big rock and the wooden platform around spire on second
    - Fixed collision of rocks on second to prevent hiding stickies inside them
    - Simplified the collision of all the hedges on maps to make them more splash-friendly
    - Fixed standing spots above red choke and batts
    - Added smoothing clipping in various spots around the map
    - Changed collision on the...
  6. B15

    kevin gator
    - Added a new exit from lobby into second to make it easier to push out of last, turned perch into a bigger batts area
    - Added a small healthkit to rollout
  7. B14

    kevin gator
    - Added Rick May memorials outside last
    - Removed bricks from elbow and added double doors instead (purely decorative)
    - Made some minor fixes to clipping, texturing, etc.
    - Added some height variation behind the point on last
    - Moved the last point slightly forward (away from spawn)
    - Added perches to the big hedge walls on last for jumping classes to stand on
    - Made the tunnel into cellar tighter so it is riskier to push
    - Changed the respawn timer for the team attacking last from 6...
  8. B13B

    kevin gator
    Fixed a copy/paste error that duplicated a small healthkit on second, fixed floating rocks on second, repositioned kits in elbow and made them both medium.
  9. B13A

    kevin gator
    Sewed a hole in a displacement on red second
  10. B13

    kevin gator
    - Changed shack and terrain around shack on mid to make it harder to dodge splash damage
    - Added back the market stalls to mid to give soldiers a perch
    - Completely reworked elbow/truck to make second less open
    - Moved second platform/rock closer to the point and added a lip to the outside of the point - the jump from rock to point is no longer scout exclusive, and the new lip gives bombing soldiers a spot to land on
    - Added another rock to second to fill an empty corner
    - Added a fence to...