Villa A13B

Competitive 5CP map set in a European hill town

  1. A13B

    kevin gator
    Fixed more broken brushes
  2. A13A

    kevin gator
    Fixed some parts of brushes that were invisible
  3. A13

    kevin gator
    -Optimization changes (new skybox, nodraw)
    -Made some tweaks to prop arrangement
    -Detailed out-of-bounds areas, some of which removed bullet-collidable walls
    -Made map brighter
    -Detailed spawn
  4. A12

    kevin gator
    -Removed trees
    -Added props to block the sightline that trees blocked previously
    -Fixed some other issues
    -Removed window in main
  5. A11

    kevin gator
    -Artpassed pretty much all floors in the map, plus some other things
    -Detailed the map a bit more
    -Added a window from upper lobby to main
    -Added cover to upper lobby route into last
    -Made some clipping adjustments
  6. A10C

    kevin gator
    Fixed missing assets
  7. A10B

    kevin gator
    Fixed players being able to jump through the hole in the roof over second
  8. A10A

    kevin gator
    Fixed trigger brush on top of mid, should have been blockbullets
  9. A10

    kevin gator
    -Removed ability to splash through roof over mid
    -Clipped off the top of second point roof and raised the gazebo
    -Textured some things
  10. A9

    kevin gator
    -Smoothed clipping around the map
    -Changed clipping on roof over second point
    -Added grate over mid so splash gets through
    -Removed dropdown
    -Opened up lower lobby
    -Raised and modified fences on mid
    -Added more props on mid to smooth movement/for aesthetics (none get in the way)
    -Raised walls and added more detailing to the exterior of the map
    -Removed healthpack in rollout
    -Changed medium healthpacks in both the back of second and elbow to small healthpacks
    -Moved small healthpack near...