Villa B15B

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. B15B

    kevin gator
    Properly packed custom assets
  2. B15A

    kevin gator
    Clipping fixes
    - Fixed an issue where players could get caught on terrain in front of mid forward spawn
    - Improved clipping between the big rock and the wooden platform around spire on second
    - Fixed collision of rocks on second to prevent hiding stickies inside them
    - Simplified the collision of all the hedges on maps to make them more splash-friendly
    - Fixed standing spots above red choke and batts
    - Added smoothing clipping in various spots around the map
    - Changed collision on the...
  3. B15

    kevin gator
    - Added a new exit from lobby into second to make it easier to push out of last, turned perch into a bigger batts area
    - Added a small healthkit to rollout
  4. B14

    kevin gator
    - Added Rick May memorials outside last
    - Removed bricks from elbow and added double doors instead (purely decorative)
    - Made some minor fixes to clipping, texturing, etc.
    - Added some height variation behind the point on last
    - Moved the last point slightly forward (away from spawn)
    - Added perches to the big hedge walls on last for jumping classes to stand on
    - Made the tunnel into cellar tighter so it is riskier to push
    - Changed the respawn timer for the team attacking last from 6...
  5. B13B

    kevin gator
    Fixed a copy/paste error that duplicated a small healthkit on second, fixed floating rocks on second, repositioned kits in elbow and made them both medium.
  6. B13A

    kevin gator
    Sewed a hole in a displacement on red second
  7. B13

    kevin gator
    - Changed shack and terrain around shack on mid to make it harder to dodge splash damage
    - Added back the market stalls to mid to give soldiers a perch
    - Completely reworked elbow/truck to make second less open
    - Moved second platform/rock closer to the point and added a lip to the outside of the point - the jump from rock to point is no longer scout exclusive, and the new lip gives bombing soldiers a spot to land on
    - Added another rock to second to fill an empty corner
    - Added a fence to...
  8. B12A

    kevin gator
    Fixed a wallbug and added spectator cameras
  9. B12

    kevin gator
    • More detailing around the map
    • Changed the geometry of the tiled high ground on last slightly
    • Lowered the jump height on top of the vine post in valley
    • Changed shack on mid
    • Opened up the door from fountain into mid
    • Removed the sign over valley
    • Added another small ammo pack on last
  10. B11A

    kevin gator
    Fixed some invisible textures