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Villa B19

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

cp_villa is a 5CP map designed for competitive 6v6 play. It has received extensive testing for the 6v6 format and is now part of the official RGL 6v6 map pool.

Assets used:
Wooden Stove V2 by Krazy (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/wood-stove.7740/)
Frontline Supply Drop (http://frontline.tf/pack.html)
Vineyard Ivy by Dr. Spud (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/vineyard-ivy.501/)
Cafe Sign V1 by Necrσ (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cafe-sign.2811/)
Construction Assets (http://construction.tf2maps.net/assets.html)
Wooden Doors by Baksratch (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/wooden-doors.5916/)

Shoutout to the following people for helping with development:
  • Dwaggy and the TESTCO Discord, for supporting this project heavily and helping me get it off the ground, as well as being an amazing community for new competitive mappers
  • b4nny, for regularly looking at the map on-stream to give feedback and hosting sub pugs
  • lucrative, for giving feedback and hosting pugs on this map, and advocating for this map's inclusion in RGL.gg's 2019 Fall Map Cup
  • Everyone who participated and gave feedback from the RGL Map Cup

This map has been included in the following:
RGL Traditional Sixes Fall 2019 Map Cup
ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2020
RGL No Restriction Sixes Season 2
ETF2L Season 36 Preseason Map Cup
RGL Traditional Sixes Season 3
UGC 6v6 Season 33
ozfortress Season 29
RGL Traditional Sixes Season 4
kevin gator
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. B19

    - Removed post in dungeon door on last - Replaced terrain around point on second with a new platform structure - Replaced fence in front of choke on second with a well/ramp strucure - Slightly widened yard outside of fountain exit on second -...
  2. B18

    Minor aesthetic changes around the map Made the floor of the top left entrance into last transparent so that you can see into dungeon from above Replaced the pride rock on second with a short ramp blocked by tall rocks Replaced market stalls on...
  3. B17A

    Fixed a minor wallbug on mid

Latest reviews

Thought this was pretty cool watching matches on it.