Villa B18

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. kevin gator
    cp_villa is a 5CP map designed for competitive 6v6 play. It has received extensive testing for the 6v6 format and is now part of the official RGL 6v6 map pool.

    Assets used:
    Wooden Stove V2 by Krazy (
    Frontline Supply Drop (
    Vineyard Ivy by Dr. Spud (
    Cafe Sign V1 by Necr¤â (
    Construction Assets (
    Wooden Doors by Baksratch (

    Shoutout to the following people for helping with development:
    • Dwaggy and the TESTCO Discord, for supporting this project heavily and helping me get it off the ground, as well as being an amazing community for new competitive mappers
    • b4nny, for regularly looking at the map on-stream to give feedback and hosting sub pugs
    • lucrative, for giving feedback and hosting pugs on this map, and advocating for this map's inclusion in's 2019 Fall Map Cup
    • Everyone who participated and gave feedback from the RGL Map Cup

    This map has been included in the following:
    RGL Traditional Sixes Fall 2019 Map Cup
    ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2020
    RGL No Restriction Sixes Season 2
    ETF2L Season 36 Preseason Map Cup
    RGL Traditional Sixes Season 3
    UGC 6v6 Season 33
    ozfortress ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020
    ozfortress Season 29
    RGL Traditional Sixes Season 4


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    2. cp_villa_b180001.jpg
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    4. cp_villa_b180003.jpg
    5. cp_villa_b180004.jpg

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