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Villa B6

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. kevin gator
    This is my second map. It takes inspiration from pretty much every major competitive 5CP map, especially Snakewater, Sunshine and Gullywash. Hope you enjoy and give feedback.

    Assets used:
    Wooden Stove V2 (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/wood-stove.7740/)
    Frontline Supply Drop (http://frontline.tf/pack.html)
    Vineyard Ivy (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/vineyard-ivy.501/)
    Cafe Sign V1 (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cafe-sign.2811/)

    You might know this map by its previous names (they've changed a lot):

    Shoutout to the following people for helping with development:
    • Dwaggy and the TESTCO Discord, for supporting this project heavily and helping me get it off the ground, as well as being an amazing community for new competitive mappers
    • b4nny, for regularly looking at the map on-stream to give feedback and hosting sub pugs
    • lucrative, for giving feedback and hosting pugs on this map, and advocating for this map's inclusion in RGL.gg's 2019 Fall Map Cup


    1. cp_villa_b3a0002.jpg
    2. cp_villa_b3a0012.jpg
    3. cp_villa_b40000.jpg
    4. cp_villa_b40001.jpg
    5. cp_villa_b60000.jpg
    6. cp_villa_b60001.jpg
    7. cp_villa_b60002.jpg
    8. cp_villa_b60000.jpg
    9. cp_villa_b60003.jpg
    10. cp_villa_b60004.jpg
    11. cp_villa_b60007.jpg
    12. cp_villa_b60008.jpg
    13. cp_villa_b60009.jpg
    14. villacallouts.png

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