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  1. equal

    Entropy b3

    Entropy is designed for 6s play. It is mainly based on Badlands and Gullywash but takes ideas from every map imaginable. It takes place in an overgrown city. Some earlier versions and notes can be found on tf.gg and on the serveme.tf maps download list under the name 2ndroom (the second room I...
  2. Cornsauce

    Nightfall Pro, a sixes payload race experiment (OPEN)

    Haven't worked on this in probably over a year, so I thought I might as well post it here for inspiration's sake, or if someone wants to pick it up. As the title suggests, this is my attempt at balancing a payload race map for 6v6, using the regular competitive ruleset. I chose Nightfall...
  3. lordofpixels

    Hole b3c

    feedback appreciated.
  4. Niro

    Riyadh a4

    A modern remake of granary to improve gameplay for 6v6 competitive. The map is set in a giant, high up australium smelting and metalworking plant. The mercs have been hired because there has been a dispute between the two sides of the business because they both want to take over the other side.
  5. d3adfin

    Iron Belt a3b

    koth_ironbelt is (an attempt at) a 6v6 koth map that should hopefully maintain a fast, frantic pace. i designed this for a school project! inspired by maps like product, bagel, coalplant, furious heights (quake live) and molten falls (quake champions)
  6. sunryze

    foundry pro2

    The map nobody asked for. Thanks to Gatsan for feedback and interest in development. General - Removed clutter - Adjusted area portals - Changed the round timer to 10 minutes - General optimisation improvements Mid - Shifted health and ammo for better rollouts - Blockbullet clipped stairs...
  7. kevin gator

    Hive A1

    Initially made for Testco.tf's Straight to the Core competition
  8. Lem Mem

    (Not) Minecraft Jungle a4

    I added the not to the name because too many people complained about the name promising minecraft but not delivering. This map is my attempt at updating the 2 Choke design to be better. Taking the best parts of Gullywash and Badlands to make a cool, jungle-y 5cp map. I thought a lot during this...
  9. sunryze

    proclaimer a1

    Named after the legendary Scottish duo Craig and Charlie Reid "The Proclaimers".
  10. d3adfin

    ctf_ashpit a1a

    deep underground, both RED and BLU's mines are set alight after a situation involving explosives and gross incompetence. now both teams have to grab the others' hidden intelligence before it burns to a crisp! ctf_ashpit is a ctf map made with 6v6 play in mind you can return your flag by...
  11. IL momentum

    how to make harvest a proper koth competitive map

    recently i wanted to make harvest a proper 6v6 map but i dont know how so if you have ideas pls tell me
  12. d3adfin

    Drylands a13

    pl_drylands is a payload map designed with 6v6 games in mind. the cart moves on its own after someone on BLU touches it, even if they stop touching it. it only stops when someone on RED touches it. this map uses textures from the construction pack, the london pack, Freyja's egyptian assets pack...
  13. Marina

    cp_regato a13e2

    cp_regato is a symmetrical 5cp inspired in the "2 chokes" design Set in the italian town of regato, a nice place to stay by the ocean if it weren't infestated by greedy corporations hiding in plain sight, experimenting in the water, mercenaries have been hired to slow down the competition...
  14. Cracky

    the most turbobad cancerteam in pisslow

    the most turbobad cancerteam in pisslow View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skxCfhJfHxM&feature=youtu.be permauseless astrobad cancerdogs (includes very cool clips of 6s) people in video https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[U:1:912687390] https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[U:1:165060622]...
  15. d3adfin

    Flash Flood A1a

    i am fucking delirious i spent like an hour trying to figure out how to compile this properly flash flood is a ctf map designed for 6v6/7v7 play and focused around giving attackers an advantage to make matches flow that much faster custom security fence sections by rexy + base fence model by valve
  16. kevin gator

    Scourge B5

    cp_scourge is an Attack/Defend map designed with 6v6 (and Prolander, to an extent) in mind. This is not a Gravel Pit copy however; it's something entirely new. The layout is similar to that of cp_steel, but with only 4 control points and a much more modern approach to geometry. Scourge combines...
  17. lordofpixels

    Magritte b2

    Map is still in beta, (missing textures, very little detailing, etc.) but still completely playable. intended for 6v6 so it's a little small, but it has spawns for 16v16.
  18. kake

    cp_metro A8a

    5cp train-themed map A high speed rail network constructed by mann co to bring fighting mercs closer together. Why wait on respawn times if you can just shuttle trainloads of mercs in at 180 miles an hour?
  19. Collaide

    utopia a5

    For all discussion please visit https://www.teamfortress.tv/53308/cp-utopia If you are a mapper interested in aiding this project (mostly with detailing), feel free to add me on steam.
  20. Ananas

    cp_bizon A2

    A comp 5cp map.