Villa B17A

Competitive 5CP map set in a French hill town

  1. B16A

    kevin gator
    Used the wrong file when uploading B16 so here's the real B16

    - Simplified a lot of brushes and removed overly complex details
    - Reduced the amount of unnecessary rendering that happens on the map through skybox changes and prop fade distances
    - Added HDR support
    - Added player and pickup shadows
    - Made the map slightly brighter
    - LAST
    - Tightened up the space behind point on last by adding new ledges that stick out from the wall and pushing spawn exits forward
    - Added more cover to right side of last and altered the stairs there
    - Made the entrance from dungeon into last tighter by adding a pillar
    - Raised the fence in the top right to the point where it can't be reached by a single jump
    - Adjusted stone fence clipping to better fit the model
    - Added a window to the shutter into last so it's less risky to push
    - SECOND
    - Added a medium healthkit by choke and replaced the small ammopack there with a medium one
    - Turned the fence by cafe into a much taller brush-based fence that players can't stand on
    - Completely redesigned choke: removed double doors, added a Sunshine-style fence on second, re-aligned the stairs on second
    - Raised the small hedge wall by fountain
    - Replaced the rocks that overlook fountain with a grass ramp - a scout standing here could get splashed now from fountain
    - Straightened out the fence by the exit from fountain to make bombing slightly easier
    - Reworked the exit from library into second: added a new exit, expanded the size of library while adding a bookshelf to block a sightline that was opened up by the new exit
    - Added an extended batts area above the shutter on second to provide a safer area for holding passive/getting out to last safe
    - Turned fountain small healthkit into a medium healthkit
    - MID
    - Added a small healthkit on the roof above point
    - Turned the wall behind the towers into a clipped-off area that recedes into the wall so its harder to hit with splash - this change was meant to help with medic survivability in midfights
    - Repositioned some lamps that provided unfair stickytrap spots
    - Added small ammopacks on towers
    - Converted medium ammopack in choke to a small ammopack and removed the medium healthkit in choke
    - Added small healthkits on the grass by the market stalls
    - Increased base respawn wave time from 9 seconds to 10 seconds, which is the standard for most 5CP maps
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