Thriller A11

No mere mortal can resist, the magic of... MERASMUS!

  1. A fantastically frightening update

    + Added a lot of detail lighting, you can now see EVERYTHING
    + Added some extra geometry-based detailing
    + Added proper exit for the underworld in the main area
    + More signs, SIGNS EVERYWHERE
    + Extra detailing to the skybox
    + Skeletons are BACK baby!
    + 3 new contracts!
    + Trigger hurt is now in the underworld, no more camping for you!
    + Extra displacement work and optimisation related to displacements
    + Placed some extra detail props around

    /+ Reworked the entire bumpercar area, it's now in...
  2. Details and QOL

    + Props (lots of them, wow)
    + Optimisation (portals)
    + Extra portal to underworld by the lava cliff
    + Replaced the first jump on the bumper-car track with a bridge
    + Displacement details
    + Building detail
    + Lighting detail
    + OwO
    + Particles
    + Overlays

    / Reduced time between winning a round and being transporting to the racetrack

    Next version WILL be B1, whatever it takes
  3. Some magical changes

    + Added Skybox
    + Made the Bumper-car finale much, MUCH larger (around 2.5*)
    + Added extra buildings at the bases of the dirt ramps to mid, should help the area get more use + provide cover
    + Additional Particles added to the 'finish line' to make it more obvious
    + Cameras to easily check how much money each team has when dead/spectating
    + More textures and props

    / Changed boss spawn locations
    / Other Misc fixes and improvements

    - Probably something

    Providing the testing here goes well,...
  4. Gimmic

    Every Halloween map needs a good, unique gimmic right? This has one now.

    + Merasmissions:
    Every 2 minutes merasmus will give you a challenge, which will reward
    you if completed.
    This has replaced the wheel of doom.
    There's a lot of stuff to it so I won't go into detail.

    He's the announcer now.

    Say goodbye to those boring dev textures! We've got the good stuff now.

    + Bumper Cars:
    Replaced Hell with a Bumper-Car racetrack (very early WIP)

    + Racoon Sanctuary:...
  5. Hey good looking!

    We got new stuff wowee
    (+ = added / = changed - = removed)

    + Custom particles (thanks to Exactol for those!)
    + Extra (non-custom) particles for when the wheel of fate(doom?) is spun or when merasmus spawns
    + Skeleton King now spawns alongside standard skeles
    + Rain
    + Custom soundscape
    + Portal to underworld in the lavapit, so you can now visit occasionally without having monoculus spawn
    + More detail props (mostly gameplay related)...
  6. Spooky Improvements

    Lets see...
    (+ = added, // = changed, - = removed)

    + Hell (WIP)
    + Underworld
    + Extra cover to the dirt area, mostly rocks
    + Optimisation
    + New Sounds
    + Extra Lighting
    + Dynamic Spawn Times
    // Improved Logic
    - Bumper Car Arena

    To Do (next update):
    Finish Hell
    Payload Model
    Some Props
  7. Ambient Changes

    /Changed Skybox
    /Changed Fog
  8. Pumpkins

    +Added Pumpkins