wheel of doom

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  1. Conga Lyne

    Fate Event Beta 1

    [This project is on hold, as I can not think of an effective way to create deep gameplay with the current map setup] Fate Event is a map I originally created for Team Fortress Classic, but after having found it a lot of fun to play on decided to port it over to normal TF2. Fate is designed to...
  2. Scampi

    Med-evil Junction (WIP) 2018-09-25

    A medieval remake of junction that will have spells, the wheel of doom, and layout improvements. Part of the map will have a cavern/dungeon theme, while the other will be more open. The current version is technically playable, but the undetailed areas are without light, so don't bother. Take a...
  3. Suna

    Thriller A11

    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018). Merasmus is once again in dire need from your favourite group of mercenaries, as he is somehow in debt to the mafia...again. Thankfully, he is able to convert souls directly into American currency this time, and has promised to give the leftover cash...
  4. ethosaur

    koth_deathcliff_event 2016-10-01

    Made for 2016's community halloween event. Enjoy! This is a halloween reskin of koth_snowcliff Includes: Pumpkins bombs, wheel of doom and my own variant of the long-fall pit. (Also timed spellbook spawns) Original map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603367237...