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  1. Fate Fighter

    Random Boss Spawn Killed And Spawned

    Hi i recently started doing random boss spawn with logic_timer with logic_case, it works all but how can i solve that if the button is pressed and there is a boss on the field kill the boss and if the button is pressed again 3600-7200 seconds to spawn random boss again? Oh and a couple of...
  2. TheFluffycart

    Halloween Logic a1

    Have you ever wanted to have that classic halloween gimmick of bosses? Have you wanted to have that ghost thing fly around your map but just don't know how? Well boy do I have the prefab for you. In this prefab are all of the bosses (HHH, Mono, Merasmus, Skele king, Skeletons) and a ghost with...
  3. Dupiter

    Cthonic Carnival A1

    Merasmus' new Chthonic Carnival is now open! Test your miserable pushing speed with the new (and improved) Strongmann game! Tickets are now avaliable!
  4. Suna

    Thriller A11

    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018). Merasmus is once again in dire need from your favourite group of mercenaries, as he is somehow in debt to the mafia...again. Thankfully, he is able to convert souls directly into American currency this time, and has promised to give the leftover cash...
  5. Suna

    Koth_Shipment_Event RC1

    Halloween came early this year!...wait, late? Whatever. Spooky map time! (made for the Nightmare before Smissmas 2017 community showcase) More or less meant as mapping practice, but i'm happy with how it's turned out so far. Halloween came early this year!...wait, late? Whatever. Spooky map...
  6. killjoy64

    Help with eyeboss

    Good morning all! I have been having alot of problems with the eyeboss in a map im trying to make. I have it set that everytime this one control point is captured, eyeboss spawns. Everything works except when he spawns, he is in a spell version of himself (example here) after he spawns, he...
  7. mi2

    Monoculus won't shoot nor move

    Hello everyone! I'm actually having a problem with my map : in it, Monoculus spawns at regular intervals ( every 3 minutes ), but when he does, he just stands there and does nothing, except teleporting from time to time to the various info-targets I have set-up. I have already generated a .nav...
  8. Benoist3012

    How to use Monoculus's vortex in your map.

    Hello today I'm going to introduce you to teleport_vortex entity and hightower_teleport_vortex. Part 1: teleport_vortex (CTeleportVortex) But what is teleport_vortex ? It's an entity dispatched by Monoculus upon teleporting away around the map, (the purple vortex attracting you in it), upon...
  9. Y


    Perfect for those of you who have no friends... to practice dodging rockets with (or Monoculus eyeballs). Or just for killing Monoculus. Map intended for Scout only. Walk on the center control point to spawn a Monoculus. If you spawned too many of them for you to handle, there is a mini control...
  10. ics

    Halloween - Fix for monoculus stun and info about other bosses

    MONOCULUS! I noticed many of you are using monoculus as a boss on halloween maps this year. If you do, you also might have noticed the issue where it does not get stunned by players exiting the "purgatory" area, where you end up after you go to the teleport in generates when it switches places...
  11. Void

    Slasher RC2

    Welcome to Camp Saxton! Summer may be over, but the Halloween hauntings of autumn have just begun, and they're all back - with a vengeance! Slasher revolves around a custom boss battle roulette system - every two minutes, a new randomized threat will spawn to take on the players and fight them...
  12. Piezo_

    Question about boss-defeated outputs

    I have an odd question: What Output should I use if I want it to fire when a boss (merasmus, eyeball_boss, headless_hatman) is defeated? Also, assuming I'm using a point_template and env_entity_maker activated by a trigger_multiple to create the aforementioned bosses, which entity should...
  13. Potoroo84

    Need some help on halloween stuff

    I've got some issues with Halloween bosses and how to enable "Truce mode" when they spawn (Cap point is blocked and Teams can't harm each other). I also wanted to know how to spawn the "MONOCULUS!" and Merasmus bosses. I've looked on some decompiled maps but i can't manage to spawn them...