Thriller A11

No mere mortal can resist, the magic of... MERASMUS!

  1. Suna
    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018).

    Merasmus is once again in dire need from your favourite group of mercenaries, as he is somehow in debt to the mafia...again. Thankfully, he is able to convert souls directly into American currency this time, and has promised to give the leftover cash... TO YOU! Although, has merasmus ever actually came through on a promise? Probably not.
    Anyway, get your murder-face on mortals!...Merasmus only has so much time before the mafia come to break his legs.

    Pumpkins! : Mean exploding thingies!
    Spells! : "We are in a world of magic!" (screams)
    Bumper Cars! : Play your favourite ancient-sumerian sport! OF DOOM!


    Complete Contracts for Meramus to earn the advantage in a bumper-car race, to your DOOM!
    Including: Ducks, Bosses, Status Effects, AND MORE!


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