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Thriller A4

No mere mortal can resist, the magic of... MERASMUS!

  1. Sandwhip
    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018).

    I tried to keep it Hightower-esque while removing some things that made it super deathmatch-y and to allow more class diversity., rather than the usual soldier, scout, pyro, sniper. (though those classes are still powerful)

    Pumpkins! : Mean exploding thingies!
    Bosses! : All your favourites are here! Headless dude! Floating eyeball! Grumpy Wizard! Dead People!
    Neverending pit of death and despair! : Now with 30% more ending!
    Spells! : "We are in a world of magic!" (screams)
    The Underworld, AND Hell! : Why settle for just one?
    Wheel of fate! : Not to be confused with the Spider-man villain, Big Wheel
    Some other stuff!... Probably!


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