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  1. Penguin

    spookleus rc3

    a dread presence descends upon arena_nucleus... whipped up in just under 48hrs, arena_spookleus features all that good nucleus gameplay you know and love, with a suitably festive coat of paint! featuring: 3 whole spellbooks in terrifyingly dangerous locations! numerous jack-o-lanterns at...
  2. MegapiemanPHD

    Skeletons that drop Player Destruction points v3

    As seen on pd_farmageddon: What is this prefab? -Ever wanted to make a player destruction map where skeletons drop points? Well, now you can! Simply edit this prefab to fit your needs and go nuts! -Be sure to include the logic from the timers as...
  3. TheFluffycart

    Halloween Logic a1

    Have you ever wanted to have that classic halloween gimmick of bosses? Have you wanted to have that ghost thing fly around your map but just don't know how? Well boy do I have the prefab for you. In this prefab are all of the bosses (HHH, Mono, Merasmus, Skele king, Skeletons) and a ghost with...
  4. MegapiemanPHD

    Synthetic Event Release

    * The Sinclair Estate is a place of mystery. What was once a place of old money and built by a wealthy family has become little more than a cluster of decrepit buildings, buildings that hold a secret. Annabelle Sinclair, the sole heir to the Sinclair fortune spent years alone on the property...
  5. Suna

    Thriller A11

    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018). Merasmus is once again in dire need from your favourite group of mercenaries, as he is somehow in debt to the mafia...again. Thankfully, he is able to convert souls directly into American currency this time, and has promised to give the leftover cash...
  6. KrazyZark

    Ghastlane event rc2

    Fastlane has been haunted and its now more scary, spooky, ghastlier errm ghastlane!! -navigation file- -Credits- chain on chandelier from Frontline
  7. Scampi

    Two Questions:

    Greetings! I'm finishing my map, cp_chateau_event, a halloween variant of cp_steel. Go ahead and have a gander at it. It's just about done, and I would like to submit it for testing soon, but there are two things I'd like to clear up first. 1. Am I allowed to call it cp_chateau_event, or...
  8. Da Spud Lord

    Skeleton Strike (Arena Survival) A2

    It's kinda like arena, but with a twist- instead of fighting the other team, you and your team must survive waves of spooky scary skeletons that shiver down your spine! Whichever team lasts longer is the winner! (Screenshots were last updated in A2)