payload race

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  1. August101

    plr_august101_mc23 a2

    Using tf_logic_cp_timer to make a weird mix of koth and payload race.
  2. P-4rio

    [PLR] Beachside a2a

  3. Chell

    plr_shoppingmall 1

    payload race in a mall for the 72hr jam, :) first tf2 map ever too!
  4. Food

    Meddle a1

    A single stage payload race map made for the 2022 72hr tf2 maps jam
  5. Chell

    solved because im so smart

    I cannot find any documentation or youtube videos on how to make a payload race map, anyone know how or does nobody care about this gamemode enough?
  6. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    plr thetriz 72hjam 2022 A1DA

    Due to going on vacation on the 23rd to place with no internet meant i only had less than 24 hours That also means this is my final submission for the 72hjam And due to that low timeframe i decide to embrace so more cursed mapping decisions and unfortunately i didnt have times to make the cart...
  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Multi Stage Snowpine a2

    I added the hidden cut third exit from the third stage haha Its pipeline but white, i plan to add some cool stuff to it like maybe Santa will airstrike everyone every 20 seconds and nuke the map or something. Get the gronch to the enemies base! Credits: Krazyzark - Snowy models pack
  8. P-4rio

    towerhaul a1

    Known Bugs: Some Rollbacks/Rollforwards don't show on hud Blu track on UI cuts off near the end (Not sure if it's Hud dependent or not)
  9. Tang

    Tang MC21 a2

  10. pogviuemper

    Multi Stage Sugar Mill b3

    Originally made in August for 48 hour map jam (this jam wasn't hosted on Screenshots are from the original version, but the changes are barely visible.
  11. Gothic Organist

    Plr_renaissance (72h) A1

    My 2021 72 hour entry loosely based on my home town. It is a payload race map with trams as payloads. I will fix the long sightlines in the map centre, no worries :3
  12. MrOakridge

    plr_trident 72hr Final v1.1

    A Payload Race with an emphasis on tight spaces and close-quarters combat. Can you get your cart through when the tracks are so intertwined with the enemy's? There is a well-hidden Easter egg in this map. Can you figure out how to make it appear? --- This map uses door prefabs and game logic...
  13. Fiddleford

    Smoke Creek A2

    plr_smokecreek A singe-stage Payload Race map that attempts to solve stalemate problem of most Payload Race maps by having team's respawns located further from control point. The map uses arena-like layout that will hopefully lead to an interesting gameplay. Custom content: Skybox - Fiddleford
  14. Stack Man

    PLR Cart Elevator Prefab A3b

    A cleaned up and ready-to-copy cart elevator as seen on plr_hightower. Also includes a mid-track elevator. Notes: The prefab is set up to allow a team_train_watcher to handle rollfoward and rollback zones using only flags, so no manual outputs are needed. As a result, there are two...
  15. Tiftid

    plr_tiftid_mc18 _a1a

    A PLR map in the style of Pipeline stage 3, but with efforts to make it less spawncampy and more focused thanks to doors that only open once the cart passes a certain point. Also features the train finale from Banana Bay.
  16. 14bit

    14bit MC17 A1

    A PLR map made in around 16 hours for MC#17: Earth, Wind, and/or Fire. Featuring: Slow payload elevators (Earth) Jump pads designed to make players collide in mid-air and fall into lava (Wind) Fireballs on a sections of rollback track with a 0.3X speed modifier on the carts (Fire)
  17. Springy

    mc16 Springwarrior a1

    Teams face off each other in an area filled with giant blocky factory buildings. Who is the first to get their cart to perform a cool ramp trick? Wait I didn't finish the ramp finale
  18. Yoshark

    plr_traincartbomb b1a

    My april fools submission for 2021. A funky train yard where opposing teams fight each other and the map to get their payload cart to the end. (I'm also uploading all dev versions played during the af tests for sake of historical value)
  19. cupcaaakes

    plr_ironbridge_stage3 A2A

    Super early first test, I'd even more call it a concept. Maybe this goes somewhere. This is Ironbridge (Name not final). I plan on having this as a three-stage Payload Race map, however, I'd like to have every stage playtested to perfection before I add any more stages. I hope you guys like...
  20. Fault in Maps

    SS Payload Race: ABS + Cart Explode [PREFAB]

    This is a variation of the Single-stage PLR logic prefabs by ABS, but when the carts reach the final checkpoint they explode like in the traditional payload prefab! Hopefully this saves someone the trouble of having to do their own logic. I wanted to include multi-stage PLR, but I am having a...