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  1. Perry

    Chiller RC4

    One Halloween night, A celebration of all that is spooky, and kooky: An alarm blairs, Hell has frozen ove- Literally. B.L.U, wanting to seeze their opertunity to gain entrance too an unlimited source of Hell power, rush to arms. While R.E.D, putting their party hats down; they grab their guns...
  2. Le Codex

    Demokart Badlands A3b

    Welcome to Demokart! A dumb idea with an even dumber execution! The basic idea is simple, it's a racing map where everyone is charging like a Demoknight, and the only way to damage each other is through spells. Featuring custom items/spells: Crockets: Fires 3 critical rockets in the direction...
  3. noobtoob

    Hell Farm b4

    Hell Farm is a Halloween King Of The Hill Map filled with tons of super spooky Halloween tricks and gimmicks! -------------------------------------------------------- -Special thanks to 2th and Fossil
  4. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Multi Stage Wizard's Lair Stage 1 a1

    The Mercs are invading Merasmus' castle since the old wizard is not allowed to have a single easy day! Stage 1 sees the Mercs attempting to break through his front door! Which team will break through first? Also thanks to DatGmann and blaholtzen for the special resupply lockers Thanks to the...
  5. [GIB] Kapwiing

    Karting Tower a5

    Hello Mortals ! I present you my submission for the 2020 72H Jam. It is a remake of Helltower turned into a deadly karting race for an ancient Sumarian Magical Duck. The point of the map is to finish the race and touch the duck on the island but watch out for the traps ! Merasmus Corporate™ is...
  6. [GIB] Kapwiing

    plr_kartingtower a2

    Hello, I am posting the a1 of my jam map here for testing purposes, I will upload the final version to the 72h Jam Category Warning : Map Contains kart that might cause the "double hit" glitch on server map change. Feel free to report any bugs or suggestions. Im currently working on a more...
  7. I Darkstar X

    KOTH Warm Evening A1

    A relatively small map, meant to serve as a self-trainer to combat my issue of overscaling. It is not anything very fancy, minus the spells which I have always liked for their gameplay capacity. No pumpkin bombs, though, as I could not get them to function properly, and the map's size makes them...
  8. zythe_

    Graveyard a3

    [some screeshots may be outdated] Graveyard is a koth halloween map with a special gimmick: Theres 2 controll points, one in the main map and one in the underworld! Owning both hills speeds up the timer! The underworld is accessable 24/7 after A is captured.
  9. Dupiter

    Three things I need to know for my halloween map.

    First thing first, I'm making a Halloween map called cp_torment_town_event and just wanted to know what entities I needed to make the map work (It's got spells in it). Second, I wanted to make a VO of merasmus speaking, like in sd_doomsday_event. How would this work? Third, How would I make...
  10. Yaki

    GUIDE: Pseudo-Reduce Halloween spell damage (and other damage types) for Medieval Mode

    EDIT March 9th, 2021: This post is obsolete. You can still use this method, but there are other advanced methods to take advantage of! Hello! I am writing this guide because I want to share my findings on how to reduce damage for specific damage types listed in the game's code. This can be...
  11. Wizard the Almighty

    Wizardtower alpha 1.1

    WARNING, this map is just testing the gameplay style and not intented to be taken seriously and/or be fully completed. Basically saying that im trying to merge halloween with medieval and see if it come out the way I want it to be played. Theres gonna be lots of spells and later ill add bosses...
  12. Scampi

    Med-evil Junction (WIP) 2018-09-25

    A medieval remake of junction that will have spells, the wheel of doom, and layout improvements. Part of the map will have a cavern/dungeon theme, while the other will be more open. The current version is technically playable, but the undetailed areas are without light, so don't bother. Take a...
  13. Suna

    Thriller A11

    WIP PLR map for Scream Fortress X (2018). Merasmus is once again in dire need from your favourite group of mercenaries, as he is somehow in debt to the mafia...again. Thankfully, he is able to convert souls directly into American currency this time, and has promised to give the leftover cash...
  14. Mess About

    cross b1

    Halloween is coming, and TF2 is lack of spooky CTF map Overview: Intel room (asymmetrical): -Red -Blu Middles: -Front yard -Lounge -Main room -Reading room Spawnroom:
  15. Jack5

    TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4 v3

    Preface This map was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since February the 22nd, 2018 and has last been updated on March the 15th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to TF2Maps.net, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads...
  16. Suna

    Koth_Shipment_Event RC1

    Halloween came early this year!...wait, late? Whatever. Spooky map time! (made for the Nightmare before Smissmas 2017 community showcase) More or less meant as mapping practice, but i'm happy with how it's turned out so far. Halloween came early this year!...wait, late? Whatever. Spooky map...
  17. vulduv

    koth brain mill A4

    this is a halloween map. it takes place on a farm. but instead of grain. its BRAIN! and theirs a wheel, of, FATE! or DOOM! ? idk. *vulduv hit itself in its confusion*
  18. FishyUberMuffin

    Pumpkin Bombs and Spells

    How do i add Pumpkin Bombs to my event map? Also how do i add spells?
  19. ethosaur

    koth_deathcliff_event 2016-10-01

    Made for 2016's community halloween event. Enjoy! This is a halloween reskin of koth_snowcliff Includes: Pumpkins bombs, wheel of doom and my own variant of the long-fall pit. (Also timed spellbook spawns) Original map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603367237...