Thriller A11

No mere mortal can resist, the magic of... MERASMUS!

  1. A fantastically frightening update

    + Added a lot of detail lighting, you can now see EVERYTHING
    + Added some extra geometry-based detailing
    + Added proper exit for the underworld in the main area
    + More signs, SIGNS EVERYWHERE
    + Extra detailing to the skybox
    + Skeletons are BACK baby!
    + 3 new contracts!
    + Trigger hurt is now in the underworld, no more camping for you!
    + Extra displacement work and optimisation related to displacements
    + Placed some extra detail props around

    /+ Reworked the entire bumpercar area, it's now in hell
    /+ Changed the door and balcony sizes for the huts, and also changed the railings to a smaller model
    / Changed the portal particles to the vanilla monoculus ones for consistency with the teleportation AOE
    / Changed the chance of merasmus spawning from 1/5 to 1/13 (extra spooky)
    / Changed volume of multiple sound effects

    - Removed 'waiting room' between the bumpercar track and the main area
    - Removed rain for optimisation purposes :(
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