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72hr Jam 2022 TFC-like DetPack Prefabs 2017-02-13

Real men MAKE their own doors.

Always liked some of the lesser used features in TFC, such as the Demoman's ability to plant detpacks in certain areas of some maps to actually open up or close off paths. This set of prefabs and models aims to help recreate that for TF2.

- detPackBLU_pack - The BLU team detpack. Only place one per map!
- detPackBLU_wall - A detpack target for the BLU team, a RED team wall to blow a hole in. Multiple in a single map are fine!
- detPackRED_pack - The RED team detpack. Only place one per map!
- detPackRED_wall - A detpack target for the RED team, a BLU team wall to blow a hole in. Multiple in a single map are fine!
Custom content:
- Two models related to the detpack. Detpack.mdl is set up to work as a model for item_teamflag.

Players pick up their own team's detpack like it were a CTF briefcase. When not at its spawn position, all valid placement spots for that Detpack are displayed for all players on both teams as a blueprint of the Detpack (Like the Engineer's buildings). Once planted, the pack will explode after 10 seconds, blowing a hole in the wall large enough for players to pass through. The blast does high, typically fatal damage to any player or building in its range. The detpack respawns immediately after it's been planted. If dropped, the Detpack returns to its spawning position after only five seconds. Once all the spots that detpack can be placed in are used, the pack no longer respawns that round.

Usage Notes
- Probably shouldn't be used in any gamemode that requires the use of item_teamflag (CTF, SD, MvM, etc.) Doing so would potentially put extra flags in play.
- A tf_gameinfo entity should be placed in the map and set to the correct game mode to ensure the detpacks don't override the HUD!
- A successful plant gives that team 1 point (as it counts as capturing the flag). If this is not ideal behavior, subtract one point on capture using tf_gamerules.
- Unlike in TFC, any class can pick up/plant the detpack, not just demoman.
- Unlike in TFC, the Detpack cannot be disarmed once planted.
- Highly recommended to make your own destroyed wall models to make placement both easier and less repetitive.
- Easily adaptable to other usages, such as blowing up a piece of equipment, by altering the "detPack_dropSite[TEAM]_[#]_explosionRelay" logic_relay.
- The entire wall is either a func_brush (pre explosion) or model (post explosion), so it doesn't seal leaks or block visibility. Plan accordingly!

Minor Bugs
- Killfeed displays Intelligence picked up/captured messages.
- Players use Intelligence captured voice lines when planting, which don't always fit (though a surprising many do!)
- Textures on the provided wall "jump" a bit upon detonation. This is a problem with the wall model Valve provides as its texture isn't - exactly the same as the world texture.
- Players standing up against the wall can get briefly stuck on it upon detonation. They unstick shortly after on their own.
- No scorch marks present on the ground after the pack blows up.
Sage J. Fox
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