Half-Life 2 Themed Pack v1

Boo-daloob pshh

  1. Sage J. Fox
    It seems that somewhere between the Badlands and City 17, there was a bit of a teleporter mixup!

    The zip file contains a vpk file for your custom folder that includes normal and Halloween replacements for the small healthkit. Yes, just the small sadly, wanted to make more for the Jam but real life got in the way. Might do more once the Jam's over.

    Model and textures remade from scratch, only decompiled the TF2 healthkit for scale (and spinning animation pls don't sue).

    Hey wouldn't you know it, I don't own Half-Life 2 or any of its designs. That would be Valve (pls don't sue). An obscure company around these parts, I know.