Teufort Grand Prix

Multi Stage Teufort Grand Prix A3

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Multi Stage Teufort Grand Prix A3

Detail Practice meets Kart Racing

I've had an idea for a long while of a full Grand Prix game inside one map, and by that I mean 4 different tracks all played after the other. For example, the Grand Prix from Mario Kart (Mushroom Cup, Star Cup, etc.).

As of right now, there are 3 tracks and an intermission area:

Badlands Circuit
It is a figure-8 track that features 2 pits and a "shortcut." The shortcut is just a route to get an 8 second boost instead of the normal 3.
Dry Dry Dustbowl
Half-detailed, but mostly blocked out. Features a modified circuit loop with a ramp that jumps over a separate paths that lead to two different mines. With multiple options for the track, which way is the fastest? Vary it up and find out. This track definitely features more specific things from Dustbowl than Badlands Circuit did of Badlands.
Merasmus's Mansion
I'm still debating on the name for this one, but it's a mansion akin to Luigi's Mansion. The track is heavily blocked out with only minimal texturing. A few gimmicks including lightning strikes, changing doors, and even HHH to keep you on your toes pepper the track. Even the background music changes to suit the spooky environment.
When I decided to make this map I needed to solve some problems associated with a kart race map. First of all, people find them boring. The solution? Make the track as small as possible. Of the other kart race maps I've see, they're all very drawn out and nothing really happens. Thus, if the track is much smaller, then it should be more interesting.

I am aware of the double-shot bug that results from testing a kart map, but there's really nothing I can do about it other than wait to test the map when an imp is ending.

I used Idolon's Aether prefab for now, but I plan to majorly modify it in order to accommodate more than one track (so for now, 1st team to 40 laps wins).
Also I used Washipato's Engie Counter prefab for the lap counter.

A2 Pics:
20171013010800_1.jpg 20171013010849_1.jpg 20171013010904_1.jpg 20171013010918_1.jpg 20171013010929_1.jpg 20171013011026_1.jpg 20171013011210_1.jpg 20171013011217_1.jpg 20171013011225_1.jpg 20171013011232_1.jpg 20171013011249_1.jpg 20171013011300_1.jpg 20171013011348_1.jpg 20171013011416_1.jpg 20171013011438_1.jpg 20171013011506_1.jpg 20171013011526_1.jpg 20171013011539_1.jpg 20171013011603_1.jpg 20171013011609_1.jpg 20171013011623_1.jpg 20171013011642_1.jpg 20171013011734_1.jpg 20171015205658_1.jpg 20171015205811_1.jpg 20171015205839_1.jpg 20171015205858_1.jpg 20171015205947_1.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. New Intermission Area

    Added a new pit stop/garage area that serves as an intermission area. It's so that when a map change happens, you won't get the double shooting bug. The intermission lasts 1 minute and it is between each track and at the end. It's also a safe...
  2. 2 New Tracks

    I didn't make a changelog, but the major change is an overhaul of the lighting to suit Badlands (instead of Upward style lighting), and of course I can't forget to mention the 2 new tracks. Read about their info and see pictures on the main page...

Latest reviews

prettu nice map and very fun with friend but can u made the same with around 15 laps and no 40 laps plz
It is good
I love the idea of this, and I so far, it looks beautiful. I'll list some ideas for tracks (assuming you're going based off official maps):
Viaduct (Snow themed, probably a wide track)
Hydro (Maybe you go over the dam w/ a pit?)
Egypt (Uses lots of right angles)
Upward (A cliff loops around the track, but easy to take turns)
Swiftwater (A longer, but very green track)
Landfall (Big tree based turn)
Freight (Train based shortcut maybe?)
Degroot (Medieval based track)
Gorge (Some nice rivers cutting through the track)
Granary (Uses big crates/pipes from last)
I know this is a big comment, but I want to help you out if you need any. Once again, love this idea, and I hope it catches on quickly. 'u'