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  1. TheWither031

    Nacho a1

    Better Call Saul 6x03's background shack. Please credit me in the description of any videos this is featured in. This will be updated to have more suitable terrain in the future.
  2. Mattie

    Unofficial detailing contest survey

    Lately I've been considering hosting my own detailing contest, but before I enter the planning stages I'm doing a bit of market research - seeing what the fine folk of the TF2 mapping community think about past contests, and what they'd like to see in future ones. If you're a detail buff and...
  3. Paper Shadow

    globetrotter_papershadow 1

    Take a trip down to the London Underground at a station undergoing some refurbishing...
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    globetrotter_turnsintocroc v1a

    Globetrotter detail entry. Overgrown assets:
  5. SnickerPuffs

    Lead (Background Map) v1

    I felt like I was on a roll with my last detail map, yet it's been nearly a year since then. Why the wait, you may be asking? That's what I want to know, too. Name (and rough layout) comes from an old map I created in collaboration with a former TF2M member. I've been thinking of remaking it...
  6. pont

    pont 72hr2021 v1

    Detail map for the 2021 72hr Jam. As seen on-stream! :) Legal shit, for DMCAing that one asshole on the workshop: Copyright 2022 Ase Kirkham. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account
  7. XEnderFaceX

    Mercenary Hood V1

    Welcome to Mercenary Hood, a small Neighborhood with the Following Mercs: - Pyro - Sniper - Engineer - Medic - Scout - Spy Note: PLAY ON TEAM RED AND AS PYRO Interact with Things, by shooting them or hitting them Credit: for the custom Voicelines Worktime: 19 Hours
  8. dotmd

    detail_dotmd72_21 a1

    Recreation of some concept art drawn by Ireneusz Paszkiewicz:
  9. olikat

    inandout_olikat 2021-09-12

    Entry for the 2021 In and Out Detailing Contest Visit the "famous" Mann Co. Diner. Custom content credits: - London Pack - Frontline Pack - Overgrown Prop Pack/ Pear, Crash - Diner Pack/ FGD5 - Jukebox/ SiniStarR - Bonk Machine/ boomsta
  10. Yoshark

    inandout yoshimario v1

    My entry for the 2021 in and out detailing contest, set in a desert facility far away from civilization (2 miles)
  11. Fiddleford

    inandout_fiddleford 2021-09-09

    My entry for the "In & Out" detailing contest. Red's mining facility with some secrets hidden underneath.
  12. *Turns into crocodile*

    inandout_turnsintocroc 2021-09-07

    My entry for the "in and out" detailing contest. Takes place in RED's laser testing site, located in the snowy mountains. Featuring BLU's train as a test subject.
  13. Mattie

    inandout_mattie Last updated 5/9/2021

    My winning entry for the 2021 In & Out detailing contest. Savour the 21st-century comforts of Quintessence of the Waves, the gleaming jewel of BluSea Cruise Lines’ fleet, as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico. (note: for the best playing experience I would encourage you to walk around this map...
  14. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Evil Base v1

    Detailing map that I made for Pdan's detailing contest long time ago Features Evil Soviet complex I made this in 24 hours so dont mind flaws
  15. SnickerPuffs

    September (Background Map) v1

    Much like my last background map, September was built off of the skeleton of another old map of mine. Unlike Rosanna, though, nearly all of the geometry is entirely different from the original map. I changed the name to reflect this, but why did I choose 'September'? Back when I first...
  16. SnickerPuffs

    Rosanna (Background Map) v1

    While I was working on the major overhaul of Rosanna, I mentioned that if the layout was subpar I would rework the map into a detail map or main menu background. The layout was subpar. To use this as a background map, go to the autoexec.cfg file in your "Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg" folder (or, if...
  17. Da Spud Lord

    72Spud 2020 (Detail) V1a

    Explore the wreckage of a partially collapsed and long-since abandoned mining facility. My entry for the TF2Maps 2020 72-Hour Jam, finished, compiled, and submitted with 12 hours remaining. There's plenty more stuff that could be done, but I'm running out of time and energy, and I'm satisfied...
  18. Mazata

    72 hr jam detail practice by Mazata 2020-09-06

    My entry for the 72 hr summer jam 2020. As I didnt have the time or energy to make a full map for the jam, so I decided to make a small project to prectice detailing. Everything can be improved but this is as good as it gets right now!
  19. Cindycomma

    Model Sleeping Fox Cutout Prop

    Sleeping Fox Cutout Prop - zzzz Nearly a year after my first attempt at making this cutout, here it is! This prop can be used just about anywhere you want to use it, just don't hurt them... The prop comes with 2 skins, red fox and arctic fox for all of your environmental needs. To use the...
  20. Cindycomma

    Sleeping Fox Cutout Prop 4/29/20

    Nearly a year after my first attempt at making this cutout, here it is! This prop can be used just about anywhere you want to use it, just don't hurt them... The prop comes with 2 skins, red fox and arctic fox for all of your environmental needs. To use the prop, take the folder out of the...