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Casino City B7c

Try your luck on some games! Happy Gambling!

  1. BigfootBeto
    That's right! Play real games! Featuring a Slot Machine, Color Roulette, Plinko/Pachinko, and now Blackjack!

    Made for the Potato's MvM Canteen Crasher Event (link to submission thread)

    Play now at potato.tf!

    *All buttons are melee only to prevent accidental pressing.*


    "Chips" (or previously known as Tickets), are the secondary currency used in the map. They are independent from MvM money packs currency.

    To earn chips, collect dropped Chips Cases from "chips carriers" (A bot carrying a Tickets Case [custom content pending]). The Chips Case Bot will spawn at times defined in the popfile. Even though the Chip Case Bot is treated like a Bomb Bot, it is prevented from capping the hatch. Instead, the bot will deduct 3 Chips from your pot if it reaches the hatch.

    Warning: If the bomb hatch is destroyed, all chips and prizes will be lost.


    Spend Chips at the Shop in the main spawn. Prices are in white numbers. The Chips booth in the center will display your current chips balance.


    Games are located around the middle section of the map where the subway is. The entrances are black voids that teleport you to the game area.

    To play the game, first purchase a credit by buying one from the purchase button to the left side (price is the white number).

    After purchasing a game credit, the play button(s) to the right will unlock. For roulette, the buttons will lock while the wheel stops spinning, but your credit is still saved and the buttons will unlock again.


    Speed: Grants a boost effect and is penalized with marked for death.​

    Power: Grants mini crits and is penalized with marked for death.​

    Nuke: When pressed, the button will destroy everything blu. Including all bots and all tanks. There is a damage cap of 20k.​

    EMP: When pressed, the button will disable all bots for 20 seconds. The bots get the "gate bot disabled" effect as seen in Mannhattan.

    Shield: Grants a hatch shield that will damage any bot or tank that enters its area. The shield acts similar to medic's projectile shield, except that the shield will break at a damage cap of 3k damage.

    Heli: A drivable, weaponized helicopter! If the pilot ejects, the heli comes crashing down in a huge explosion. Controls at the bottom.

    Hydrogen Bomb: [CLASSIFIED] [REDACTED]

    Special: Purchase with 999 chips for something special.
    -Controls for Heli-

    W & S - Forward and Reverse Thrust
    A & D - Yaw Control
    Primary Fire - Shoot Rocket (green reticle)
    Secondary Fire - Air Brakes (useful if spinning out of control)
    Jump - Exit and drop heli

    Note: The previous theme was Arcade (aka mvm_arcade_city a1-a6).

    Note: If you want infinite chips, use the command:
    ent_fire chips_override add [number you want]
    Internally, there's no maximum number, but the text can only display 0 - 999 before it wraps around.



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  1. Clickin
    Version: B1
    Gimmicks are really creative, fun, and balanced.
    But advanced mission can be probably better.