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  1. Cyberen

    Steamboat Race 5E

    Like Balloon Race or Wacky Races, this best-of-seven competition occurs in two steamboats traveling to each point. Capture four to win! Special rounds include: Downstream One-and-Done (KOTH mode) Lots-a-Crocs (water is deadly) Oven Hell (portals at points) Overdrive (only shooting the paddlebox...
  2. Fiddleford

    Smoke Creek A2

    plr_smokecreek A singe-stage Payload Race map that attempts to solve stalemate problem of most Payload Race maps by having team's respawns located further from control point. The map uses arena-like layout that will hopefully lead to an interesting gameplay. Custom content: Skybox - Fiddleford
  3. Sarexicus

    sarexicus mc17 a1

    [requires grappling hooks!] do a race run around little mercs run around for my amusement, do your little laps has all 3 of your earth winds and fires (moving TRAIN, jumping pads, and The Silo™)
  4. BigBang1112

    Racecliffs Final

    So I came back to enjoy this simple 72-hour event once again. This time, I didn't go much with the creativity and rather went on the designing side of the mapping, which, as you can see still isn't in my hands yet. :D As this is a trade map, it doesn't have any rules. It is a weird one in a...
  5. BigfootBeto

    Multi Stage Teufort Grand Prix A3

    I've had an idea for a long while of a full Grand Prix game inside one map, and by that I mean 4 different tracks all played after the other. For example, the Grand Prix from Mario Kart (Mushroom Cup, Star Cup, etc.). *VERSION A3* As of right now, there are 3 tracks and an intermission area...
  6. D

    Fugheddaboudit a1

    Bring your flag to the enemy base instead of taking theirs back to yours. When a team caps, the time they took to achieve it is saved and the other team must try to cap in less time. If they succeed the process continues until one team cannot cap in time.
  7. chemelia

    432 A1

    Originally made for the 2016 7.2 Hour contest. Thanks to Urban for donating during the stream! Featuring barrels, and a surf ramp at mid for some reason.