kart race

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  1. [GIB] Kapwiing

    Karting Tower a5

    Hello Mortals ! I present you my submission for the 2020 72H Jam. It is a remake of Helltower turned into a deadly karting race for an ancient Sumarian Magical Duck. The point of the map is to finish the race and touch the duck on the island but watch out for the traps ! Merasmus Corporate™ is...
  2. [GIB] Kapwiing

    plr_kartingtower a2

    Hello, I am posting the a1 of my jam map here for testing purposes, I will upload the final version to the 72h Jam Category Warning : Map Contains kart that might cause the "double hit" glitch on server map change. Feel free to report any bugs or suggestions. Im currently working on a more...
  3. Crieng.

    kartrace_Bazongharacers_a2 a2

    Kart racing map! Used with this beautiful prefab by Idolon: https://tf2maps.net/threads/aether.23537/#post-313364 It's inspired by different Mario kart double dash maps I used to play when I was little. Making this map was like a walk down memory lane. :)
  4. BigfootBeto

    Multi Stage Teufort Grand Prix A3

    I've had an idea for a long while of a full Grand Prix game inside one map, and by that I mean 4 different tracks all played after the other. For example, the Grand Prix from Mario Kart (Mushroom Cup, Star Cup, etc.). *VERSION A3* As of right now, there are 3 tracks and an intermission area...
  5. Kube

    Admiral B1

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! NOTE: To avoid sound glitches, please do not RTV this map. Instead, use the command "ent_fire lapc_red_case invalue 80", and then quickly change maps. Welcome to Isle Admiral! For tourism purposes, the residents of the Isle transformed their...