SharkBay RC2

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. Billo
    SharkBay Is a king of the hill map set on a port.
    There is an accessible ship to the port that has a full health pack inside and can be used for flanking. the map is mirrored. meaning that both sides are the same like as if you were looking in a mirror. In the Future the map Will feature some sharks swimming around the map or who knows what else.

    this map started development approximately a month ago ( 9/8/2018 )

    special thanks to: Da Spud Lord for providing me the func_croc logic for the shark jump attack.

    Well, well well..... It's been more than a year since I last made A new map.I have to say i enjoyed the making of this map a lot. The idea of the map started like this : I saw crash make shoreleave and i was like.... hmmmm the first Blue Spawn ( which is currently inside a cave ) could be a port and The blu team's base is a ship. Later on I was planning to start a new payload map.The first point would be on a port but i didn't know if I wanted to make the Blu Spawn a ship. Months later I was thinking while trying to sleep about a koth map that I could make. Many ideas passed my mind such as making a halloween focus koth map but then I was like what if I take my old idea and combine it with my new ideas and make a koth map? I often try to make a map with a basic idea behind, so the map can differentiate from the others.

    About the future , I am planning to make a brand new Payload map which I attempted to make a month ago on the 72 hours contest but I didn't manage to finish it. I am not happy About the current state of the map so I should be Better of starting over. I got some really cool ideas about the map and I cant wait to Begin making it.


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: RC1
    Since this is a reupload I'm just going to cut my review shorter

    I'm so glad that this has gotten finished to a release candidate state. The theme of this is something we haven't seen in TF2 yet, it almost feels like a Team Fortress Classic map in terms of setting. Good luck with future maps, and let's hope Valve sees this and adds it into the game.
  2. Zepavil
    Version: B12 test 2
    Love the visuals, can't wait to see how the updates end!
  3. arab gaming network
    arab gaming network
    Version: A16
    Great map, played on a private server with some friends and it played really well. The setting and environment are cool, and I love how the sharks just jump out of the water, it makes it really fun! Overall great job, I'd love to see this map continued to be worked on!
  4. octodoodle
    Version: A9
    not too much to say, looks good and probably plays well, what water texture are you using?
  5. Huwareyou
    Version: A9
    Played it yesterday, Solid map with a very tf2-like feel.