Caribbean A1

DegrootKeep but it has pirates lol

  1. basilhs333
    Caribbean is a capture the points map set on a tropical island with a castle. Blu team is attacking via a pirate ship, whereas Red is defending inside the castle.
    The map is similar to Degrootkeep but I tried to add new stuff,mechanics, layouts and ideas to make it stand out.

    Originally I wanted to make the ship move and arrive at the beach, dunno maybe I will do it in the future. Right now I am tired while writing this description, It's been 5 hours straight that I am working and I cant wait to go to sleep lol.

    Anywayz I hope you guys enjoy the map, leave me your feedback and comments. They will be really appreciated.

    20200907001853_1.jpg 20200907001903_1.jpg 20200907001919_1.jpg 20200907001929_1.jpg 20200907001936_1.jpg