Corruption RC2

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Corruption RC2

Brave enough to survive the horrors of the asylum?

Hell is an experiment you can't survive in pl_corruption, a single stage payload map set on an Asylum.
Explore the island, the cove and the asylum, try to survive the horrors and secrets you are going to discover.. If you dare.

Play a standard payload map with the asylum theme, enter it's own unique underworld for crits and ÜberCharge!
The underworld has it's own twist, it's never the same path. Everytime the clock hits midnight it generates a new layout for even more replayability!

This map is a Halloween-themed remake of pl_eruption:
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  • pl_eruption
    What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like
  • NutCracker
    You wanna get nuts? Come on... Let's get nuts!
  • Caribbean
    DegrootKeep but it has pirates lol
  • SharkBay
    This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.
  • pl_cliff edge
    pl_cliff edge
    Its A payload map close to a cliff -edge. get it? thats where the name comes from.

Latest updates

  1. OverAll Improvements

    In this update: ➤Improved the underworld: Now it lasts for less seconds, disables the cart until the portals close allowing Red to use them without leaving the entire point defenceless. The underworld gives Blu a few extra seconds however so as...
  2. layout and detailing update!

    ➤Updated points A,B,C,D to include new gameplay and layout improvements in order to match eruption's. ➤Improved the detailing in every area. ➤Fixed numerous issues. ➤Made the map scarier and creepier. --Notes-- My team (pancakebro, Rhamkin, Erk...
  3. More detailing inside the Hospital

    In this update: -More detailing was added inside the hospital and references. -Fixed a few stuff -Optimized the map better

Latest reviews

The environments, soundscapes, theme and gameplay melt together to make a really fun experience. It can only get better from here