pl_cliff edge

pl_cliff edge a7v2c

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First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. another small update hopefully the last for a7

    In this version *added a third red spawn room close to point C because Red team had a really hard time defending that point. ( the spawn is outside the building ) *fixed some issues such as the func_respawnroom for blu team at their second spawn...
  2. a rather smaller update

    in this version: *fixed a few bugs and errors *added some more clip to prevent people from getting inside a detail area near point B ( outside red's spawn ) *added 2 health packs to last point ( one medium and one small ) so as to help the...
  3. after 8 months in development hopefully it will be worth the wait

    hey yo we got to go. It's me bill-man? Bill-boy? anyway.... After 8 months i have finally decided to release a7v2 which i have been working since december i think. Here are the changes : Point C has been kinda reworked. CELLAR CHANGES: *...

Latest reviews

Balanced Gameplay
Looking nice
I really like the aesthetic built in this map! The bright lighting, green hills, and water features provides a lot.