SharkBay A3

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. Huge Update - Reworked middle-

    In this aggiornare: (Update)

    - mid was remade from the start. ( more in the notes below )
    - a new design for the ship was made
    - fixed a few issues with the map.

    this update looks small but it isnt lol

    Well , well , well.... I wont stop remaking my maps , will I?
    Probably not but I think the map has benefited from this update a lot.
    Now i think the control point area is a lot better and more fun to fight on, the ship is closer to the point , smaller and of course more...
  2. A small update with a few fixes.

    In this Version:

    *Updated a Few Health/Ammo packs. One small Health pack now is a medium one and one full ammo pack is now a medium one. I also deleted one medium ammo pack on the blu side which I forgot to delete before A1 release.

    *added patches to all Packs.

    * Made the death pit on the port more obvious that it kills you by adding duct tape around it and A sign.

    * added light to a small room that was kinda dark before.

    I think thats all.

    For A1 release the map so far doesnt...