SharkBay B4c

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. more fixes yay!

    in this version:

    - I packed the map correctly this time

    - clipped a small area

    - fixed the crate collision
  2. a small update and improvements.

    In this version:

    - Increased the time needed to cap the point ( reverted it back )

    - fixed the long sightline from cp to lobby

    - lowered the ship that every class can jump on top even heavies from both the steps on top of the ship and from the small brick walls close to the control point

    - changed a few things based on feedback.

    nothing here
  3. forgot to pack the map lol

    the title says it all
  4. Almost fully detailed!

    In this version:

    -Detailed the map a lot more

    -improved the fps overall

    - added more lighting around the map

    -even more detailing ( outside the playable space ) ( I added a small easter egg somewhere in the map its on the blue side inside of something see if you can find it )

    -added the cow announcer back close to the point inside a building.

    - Changed the Red shark aquarium a bit so it can fit to the new red spawn

    Hey everyone, I am close to Done with sharkbay. I still got...
  5. More details and A new shark aquarium for Red Team

    In this version of the game:

    * Detailed the map a lot more.

    * added details on areas outside the walkable space. ( this will help in the next version when I add a better 3D skybox)

    *added a new shark aquarium for Red team ( now both teams are equal )

    *optimized the map a little more and made the fps higher ( I tried replacing a few props with brushes , and more props now fade out when you are out of their view.

    * Now for the second time every class can get on top of the ship ( its an...
  6. A complete re-theme of the map.

    In this version:

    * I re-themed , and detailed the map all over again. ( more about that on the notes below )

    *Improved optimization and clipping.

    thats all I think. it doesnt sound like much but it is honest work.


    Funnily enough the approach I took with the map this time around was the my original vision of sharkbay.
    Truth to be told I didnt know how to detail a map. I almost never reached Beta in any of my "good" maps ( not counting my old maps that the first release was RC1 - I...
  7. Artpass Update!

    In this update:
    -The whole map got textured. apart from a building in the center which I have to idea what to do yet.
    -Blue side is almost fully detailed.
    -Added Sharks to the map ( hopefully people will stop complaining that there is no shark in sharkbay lol )
    -added more clipping
    -added some soundscapes to the map.
    -added 3D skybox ( not 100% done either )
    -More details around the map were added.

    I would like to thank my good friend cig0073 who provided me with the shark model and in the...
  8. less cover around the point and a few minor changes. ( Almost Beta :D )

    In this version:
    * the cover around the point is smaller now. ( i cant make it any smaller because the snipers will be able to snipe people from the main entrance and nobody wants that )

    * did a small change to the ship - the ramps that lead you to it are different

    * made the patch on the ship smaller lol

    It looks like the map is almost there.Dont get me wrong, i am really happy to see people leaving feedback on my maps but please when you say : hey i dont like this or change this,...
  9. A small change

    in this version:

    *reduced the ammo packs around mid ( to hopefully nerf those engineers )

    *removed the ability as any class to get up to the ship. now only scouts, soldiers , pyros , demomen and maybe some really clever engineer will be able to do it.

    I noticed that one major problem with the map is now fixed.Now recapping the point is much much easier and now I nerfed engineers it should be even more. I think the next version will be a Beta import what do you think? is the map...
  10. Capture Point Rate sped up

    in questa versione:

    * the capture point was sped up ( based on feedback and now hopefully recapturing the point will be 10 times easier and quicker. the point has the same capture rate as viaduct when previously it took like 22 seconds for 1 person to capture now it should take 8 seconds)

    * adjusted the duct tape around the point so as to match the trigger better.

    I dont anything new to say.