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  1. Owli

    Pipe Works a2

    This map was inspired by a picture I took at work of pipes being dug up
  2. Maximum_Bloop

    Anyone have a good forklift model for TF2 I could use?

    I have a map that I've been working on and I need a forklift for it. The forklift model I downloaded won't work so I need a replacement model or precise instructions on how to make the original model work (the original model had missing textures)
  3. KrazyZark

    Prototype submarine V1

    This prop was made for dock in open fortress which is set in 1975, so it may not fit in any map. have fun using it! model name is: props_dock\prototype_sub.mdl
  4. spiffycondorYT

    koth_pier 2020-09-06

  5. TheFluffycart

    MVM Fogwatch a1b

    Welcome to Fogwatch! This version is mostly to test the front area, rather then the entire map as of right now. The back will later on be reworked to be longer, and hopefully be less open and flat. The main gimmick of the map is that if the bots manage to capture the point, the fog gets thicker...
  6. Billo

    SharkBay RC2

    SharkBay Is a king of the hill map set on a port. There is an accessible ship to the port that has a full health pack inside and can be used for flanking. the map is mirrored. meaning that both sides are the same like as if you were looking in a mirror. In the Future the map Will feature some...
  7. P

    Dock Side a14

    Blu and Red fight over a port because they can
  8. SturmTea

    Waterfront a1c_21

    Want to fight for a point awkwardly built over a river? Well, I got you covered! Waterfront is a fast paced single control point map, set in a lumber mill along the river. Pine trees and grass wave in the breeze as you riddle your adversaries with lead. Boats bob and water flows as people are...