koth map

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  1. Freeze

    OBELISK a6_0

    IS GOOD i made it with my bare hands and finger it has HIGHT thing yea just look at the preview pics alright?...
  2. Whatpantz

    1fort 1

    This may be a work in progress, but this is the first functional version I am happy with, Subject to change.
  3. floating hat

    nightout a5b1

    koth map taking place at night somewhere in a forest
  4. HitBox

    koth_docks_a2 3

    A map where you battle over a storage building, with explosive building scattered through out the map.
  5. Guloveos

    Loganada 5

    This is my first map for TF2 set in a log yard
  6. The Real J

    koth_blank 2.0

    -- If you find any bugs or errors, leave us a comment! -- koth_blank my first map baby FULL v2.0: - New locations. -------------------------- BETA v1.0: - Added an easter egg room. -------------------------- BETA v0.8: - New shortcut on the spawns. -------------------------- BETA v0.3: -...
  7. WillowSounds

    koth_trashhaven_a3 A3

    My very first map, just a basic KOTH map, still trying to learn scale, distances, cover and sightlines. It's called "trash haven" because I want this to be a scrapyard of some kind, once I start decorating.
  8. Comfy_

    koth_brandaan a6_2

  9. SunnySideEggs

    koth_hydrostation 2022-07-25

    Small koth map made for the 22 Summer Jam Has bot support and a decent amount of details Hopefully it's also fun with other players. Changed the name from station to hydrostation because someone already used the name
  10. floating hat

    pressure B1

    koth map
  11. Ms. Wizard <|:)

    koth_backfill b2

    Built for TF2 Classic. Still in dev textures, but taking shape quickly. Thanks for checking the page out!
  12. Hamman

    koth_caves 2021-12-19

    Venture out of the caves and capture the control point in the center of the destroyed house to win! This is my first ever TF2 map I've submitted for anything. I've been working in hammer on and off for a few years, but this is my first real attempt at a proper, balanced map. Any and all...
  13. SreDver

    koth_rilsk A1

    Another koth map from lazy creator :D I will try to continue this map Map is located in Norilsk. 4small ammo 2medium helthkit 2small helthkit Credit: Idolon https://tf2maps.net/downloads/radiator.5886/ ======= Jusa https://tf2maps.net/downloads/soviet-signs-from-kalinka.5420/ ======= boomsta...
  14. Chilliman

    KOTH_Facility 1

    small, with some cover dont expect alot this is my FIRST MAP
  15. CopMCcopper

    Spiral a7

  16. Ivan's Cheat Engine

    teren a1

    Teren is something Ive created while my intenten was down.
  17. Nicer Mc Good

    koth_eggwall koth_egg_2a3.

    it's a simple Koth map
  18. Nicer Mc Good

    Can you make a KOTH point.

    I dont know what went wrong?
  19. E

    Ruckenschutz A1

    Ruckenschutz (German for Backline) is a King of The Hill map I map back in 2019 for me and my friends to play, I forgot about it during the A1 stage for a while as I started making my own game. Then a couple of months ago I learnt about the Frontline community update and decided I wanted to...
  20. nettmaza

    BigHouse (SCRAPPED) 2021-04-28

    koth_bighouse (SCRAPPED) is a mirrored koth map. This is my first map ever posted here and is my first working map.